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Corporate Citizenship


As Nuance’s business has grown, so has its responsibility to keep corporate citizenship at the forefront of our operations. Running the business in an ethical manner comes naturally to our leaders, but there’s so much more to being a good corporate citizen. At Nuance, we focus our efforts on four distinct areas: causes, community, environment and employees. Please read on to learn more about our efforts in each one.


At its very core, Nuance is about enabling technology to understand the human voice. It’s a simple idea made possible through sophisticated technology – and its impact has proven to be utterly profound.

Nuance’s technology has made information accessible to countless disabled individuals who might otherwise be without the basic conveniences we’ve all come to know as part of modern-day life. One need only read a few of the countless stories submitted through our “I Speak Dragon” contest to truly understand how Nuance solutions are changing lives.

Nuance is also at the forefront in preventing “distracted driving,” an increasingly dangerous phenomenon resulting from the always-on nature of mobile communications and specifically, texting. At Nuance, we aspire to make the roads safer for all by making voice-enabled phone interactions the norm. The future is now; there’s no need to wait.


The world we live in is a diverse one, made up of a patchwork of people, cultures and languages.

At Nuance, we have operations in 16 countries and a sales presence in more than 70, with employees in remote corners of the globe. As such, we understand the dynamics and cultural sensitivities of local markets and communities and bring a true global perspective to our solutions. There’s no excuse for putting cutting-edge technology only into the hands of English speakers to the detriment of the rest of the world. Nuance provides technology that levels the playing field for a broad range of communities.

In the communities where Nuance offices reside, we continually participate in efforts to better the world around us. Whether it’s volunteering at a local youth camp or organising clothing drives to benefit those in need, Nuance supports our local communities in a myriad of ways.


At Nuance, we understand the impact our company can have on the environment, and we take care to minimise our environmental footprint in every way possible.

From the efficient lighting in our offices to the fair-trade coffee in our break rooms, we know that all the seemingly little things can add up to make a big impact.

Here is just a sample of some of our efforts to reduce Nuance’s impact on the environment:

  • Reduced emissions through replacement of office and data centre computing systems with more efficient resources
  • Constantly monitored software development with Life Cycle Analysis methods to streamline processes and adopt best practices
  • Reduced business travel through the use of new video conferencing systems
  • Switched to “green electricity” at select Nuance office locations
  • Comprehensive recycling programmes in all possible locations
  • Set all copiers to double-sided printing to reduce paper use
  • Offer “Green Fundamentals” course to employees for tips on how to save environmental resources at work and at home
  • Provide reusable water bottles and coffee mugs to all new recruits to reduce waste associated with disposable cups



Ask any Nuance employee what is the best part of the job, and more often than not, you’ll hear “the people”. Our people are the foundation for our cutting-edge technology, our industry-leading market position, our respect among customers. It’s only right that we compensate them not just through competitive salaries and benefits, but also by providing the support needed to live a well-rounded life.

Nuance is proud to support remote working arrangements and flexible schedules wherever possible. In a recent employee survey, this flexibility was one of the most frequently cited responses to the question “What is your favourite thing about working at Nuance?”

Additionally, Nuance is pleased to provide the following for our employees:

  • Easy access to wellness courses such as Managing Stress, Smoking Cessation and Weight Control
  • On-site fitness facilities in some locations
  • Employee Discount programme

But the intangible benefits that our employees enjoy at Nuance have perhaps an even greater impact on people’s lives: the chance to work on products and solutions that touch and improve human lives; the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in the industry; and the never-ending set of challenges and opportunities just waiting to be addressed.

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Corporate Citizenship

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