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Harnessing the Dragon: Infusing Life Back into Your EHR

How can your organization achieve widespread EHR adoption and transcription cost savings – while producing faster, higher-quality documentation? With speech recognition, of course!

Join Nuance Healthcare and Intel Healthcare as Brian Zimmerman, MD discusses how his hospital – Miami Valley Hospital of Dayton, OH, part of the Premier Health Partners (PHP) family of hospitals – “voice activated” their Epic EHR with Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition. As a result, Miami Valley realized widespread EHR adoption and more robust documentation – while achieving annual transcription savings of $1.4 million in their Emergency Department.

You will learn how Dr. Zimmerman’s hospital delivered an innovative physician clinical documentation platform through the combined deployment of the Epic EHR – speech-enabled by Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition – and will have the opportunity to ask Dr. Zimmerman how the lessons he learned can be applied at their facilities. In addition, attendees will learn how PHP’s investment in Intel processor-based PCs across the healthcare facility allowed them to provide high-performance access to advanced speech recognition to all clinicians in “real time.”

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