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Nuance in the News

Nuance in the News

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Date: 3/2/17 12:00 AM
Title: El papel de la conversación en la sanidad

Date: 11/16/16 12:00 AM
Title: En qué consiste el uso de tecnologías de reconocimiento de voz y cómo está mejorando los procesos en sanidad?

Date: 11/7/16 12:00 AM
Title: Improving the accuracy of patient records
Source: National Health Executive UK
Focus: Digital dictation and speech recognition special Oct 2016

Date: 5/23/16 12:00 AM
Title: Speech of Sound. Potential for Speech Recognition for Data Entry into Clinical Systems
Source: Practice Management
Focus: What to look for when specifying a GP speech to text system

Date: 9/17/14 12:00 AM
Title: DM Magazine - Product focus - eCopy ShareScan 5.2

Date: 5/5/14 4:19 PM
Title: Nuance sponsors Health CIO Network

Date: 5/4/12 12:00 AM
Title: WoHIT 2012: Giving European doctors a voice: Nuance discusses cloud-based healthcare speech recognition at World of Health IT 2012

Date: 2/29/12 9:00 AM
Title: User testimonial

Date: 7/27/11 12:00 AM
Title: Nuance OmniPage 18: Document conversion made fast, flexible and dare we say … fun?
Source: Latest Gadgets – UK
Focus: OmniPage

Date: 7/7/11 12:00 AM
Title: NaturallySpeaking for heavy duty dictation
Source: The Telegraph – UK
Focus: Dragon

Date: 7/4/11 12:00 AM
Title: Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11.5 review
Source: PC Pro – UK
Focus: Dragon

Date: 3/11/11 12:00 AM
Title: Speak and spell: Can voice technology give your app the edge?
Source: BBC Online
Focus: Mobile

Date: 2/18/11 12:00 AM
Title: Tap, trace, doodle: choices abound for phone users
Source: Reuters – UK
Focus: Mobile

Date: 1/19/11 12:00 AM
Title: Voice-Controlled Computing Gets Closer
Source: Wall Street Journal Europe Blog
Focus: Nuance speech recognition

Date: 11/19/10 12:00 AM
Title: We have the technology
Source: The Guardian Online - UK
Focus: Enterprise

Date: 7/19/10 12:00 AM
Title: The iPhone app that takes the strain out of texting by turning speech into type
Source: The Daily Mail Online - UK
Focus: Dragon Dictation & Dragon Search

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