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The eScription Route to Real World Cost Savings

30 November 2011, Marlow, UK - Budget-strapped NHS trusts could save up to £2.5 millon per annum if they adopted US best-practice techniques in transcription, according to Nuance Communications, Inc., a leading supplier of speech solutions. Healthcare providers in the United States have realised cost savings without compromising patient care, by adopting Nuance’s eScription service, its on-demand, software-as-a-service, background speech recognition software. eScription can contribute to the efficiency savings of up to £20 billion that the NHS needs to make by 2013-14.

Nuance cites cost savings made by US healthcare as indicative of the type of financial returns NHS trusts could also enjoy if it were to adopt eScription. With eScription, trusts pay for the entire service on a simple, all-inclusive ′pence per line′ basis, without any hidden on-site server or infrastructure costs, no significant IT resource or management costs, or maintenance or support costs thereafter. For trusts, it means the service is an operational cost rather than a capital cost, which is better suited to many trusts facing financial belt-tightening and budget-reductions.

In the USA, Nuance eScription has enabled 22 hospital organisations to save each in excess of a million dollars. Examples include the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre in Boston (saved US$8 million), Mount Carmel Health System (saved over $10 million) and Brigham and Women′s Hospital ($13 million). In total, eScription has facilitated collective savings in excess of $130m. Read testimonials here.

Commenting on eScription‘s cost saving potential, Frederik Brabant, MD, Marketing Director for Nuance Healthcare in Europe said: “Nuance Voice recognition technology has the ability to streamline clinical documentation and enable healthcare organisations to make huge savings. Based on the savings made in the US and independent research, we predict NHS trusts could save from £400,000 per annum, up to £2.5 million per annum over and above of the cost of the service itself. For a medium sized trust, with turnover of £250-400m, it could achieve savings in the region of £1m per annum by using eScription. In light of the budget cuts, the opportunity to save this much money cannot be ignored.”

In addition to driving tangible savings with return on invest realised within 12 months, eScription also enables trusts to honour the NHS QIPP responsibilities, by enabling the the timelier turnaround of clinical documentation, which is a key process in enabling better patient outcomes. Furthermore, voice recognition technology aligned to end-to-end automated workflow processes - including the distribution process - can dramatically increase productivity, drive cost savings and optimise the quality of patient care. For those reasons, eScription is a natural fit for attracting QIPP funding, and is also an opportunity for NHS trusts to adopt international best practice into its back-office processes. Early eScription trials at three live pilot sites in the UK are validating these claims, with promising results living up to the predicted cost-saving and productivity benefits of deploying eScription.

In the UK, eScription from Nuance is delivered as a “pay as you go”, on-demand Software as a Service (SaaS). eScription’s proprietary and intelligent background speech recognition software converts clinicians’ digital dictations into formatted draft documents that medical secretaries can quickly review and edit, often doubling productivity over conventional digital dictation systems by streamlining and automating the clinical documentation workflow.

The eScription platform will help NHS trusts to significantly increase medical secretaries’ productivity and improve document turnaround time whilst lowering transcription costs – all achieved, crucially, with no impact on a clinician’s working practice. With the NHS facing a government demand to make efficiency savings of up to £20 billion by 2013-14 - with significant sums to come from improving productivity and procurement - eScription may make a timely IT-based contribution in helping meet this directive. This is particularly relevant in the context of challenging government targets to turnaround clinical letters, such as discharge summaries within 24 hours.

Nuance Healthcare will be presenting eScription during the Healthcare Financial Manager Association’s annual meeting in London on December 1st, at the Hilton London Metropole.

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Nuance Healthcare

Nuance Healthcare provides a comprehensive family of speech-driven clinical documentation and communication solutions that enable healthcare provider organisations to reduce operating costs, increase reimbursement, and enhance patient care and safety. The company’s solutions are used by more than 8,000 hospitals and 400,000 doctors worldwide. For more information about Nuance Healthcare please visit:

eScription is one of many products in Nuance’s portfolio of speech-enabled documentation and communication solutions, which includes eScription, SpeechMagic and Dragon Medical. As Nuance Healthcare solutions address specific requirements, healthcare organisations can select the most appropriate Nuance products from the product ‘mix’, according to their needs. This gives them the flexibility to ensure that they’re only investing in the solutions that meet their needs.

SpeechMagic is a healthcare Software Development Kit platform for building a hospital-wide electronic speech infrastructure. Designed to be easily integrated into third party applications – including a RIS, a HIS or an EHR – its scalability means that it can be deployed locally in a healthcare department, or far more broadly, across an entire region.

Dragon Medical has been developed to enable clinicians to dictate and instantly review their dictated reports. When approved by them, the clinician can then share the report with their peers or colleagues in real time, thereby ensuring that discharge letters can be dispatched to patients within 24 hours.

Nuance Communications, Inc.

Nuance Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: NUAN) is a leading provider of speech and imaging solutions for businesses and consumers around the world. Its technologies, applications and services make the user experience more compelling by transforming the way people interact with information and how they create, share and use documents. Every day, millions of users and thousands of businesses experience Nuance’s proven applications. For more information, please visit

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