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Small Business Productivity Constrained by Creation and Management of Text-Based Documents, Research Finds

Yet 41% of SMBs report they don’t have enough time to consider document efficiency improvements

12 March 2015, London, UK - A report commissioned by Nuance Communications, Inc., indicates that the productivity of Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs) across the UK, Germany and France is hindered by the management and creation of text-based documents, including reports, contracts, funding applications, tender documents and marketing collateral. Entitled “Better technology, greater efficiency”, the report examines the efficiencies of SMBs in those countries, areas where time is wasted, and the technology solutions they adopted to address efficiency challenges. The report* can be accessed here.

The research indicates that 41% of SMBs don’t have the time to consider what potential improvements they could make to their efficiency, and are unaware that in some cases improvements can be driven by simple IT upgrades, like deploying productivity-boosting desktop speech recognition and affordable imaging solutions. However, a barrier to them achieving greater efficiencies is the pace at which SMBs review their software requirements, with a third of SMBs stating they review them only every year, every 18 months or longer.

Commenting on the findings, Steven Steenhaut, Senior Director, EMEA Marketing, Nuance Communications, said: “Despite the world increasingly conducting business digitally, many SMBs are still tied to time-consuming and outmoded processes for creating and managing essential paper-based documents. Their reliance on paper and manual processes impacts their competitiveness, productivity and long term profitability. Given that proven, alternative solutions are available, the time wasted attending to documents can be quickly and affordably addressed driving an appreciable productivity boost, enabling SMBs to focus on value-add tasks.”

Other key findings from the report include:

  • SMBs can improve their document-related productivity dramatically by implementing powerful desktop speech recognition software. However, in the UK only 4% utilize voice recognition, while 6% of French SMBs do and 14% of German ones.
  • When choosing PDF software, the report found that 29% of SMBs miss out on potential cost savings and productivity enhancements, by sticking with the brands they know instead of evaluating competitive solutions. Given 71% of SMBs in the UK use PDFs, migrating to a cost-effective and powerful solution with an uncomplicated licence model, could save many SMBs money and drive up their productivity.
  • 38% of SMBs spend an average of two hours per day working on documents, while more UK SMBs - compared to French or German ones - spend over five hours per day working on documents.
  • 25% of legal organisations spend up to four hours a day working on documents, and 19% spend up to six hours a day.

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* Notes to editors:

The report which was compiled by Marketiers4DC and commissioned by Nuance, was researched in Sept 2014 and assessed the responses of 757 small businesses with up to 50 employees in the UK, Germany and France.

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