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Voice Technology Vital to Preserving Less-Widely Spoken Languages

Nuance invests continuously in voice technology spanning today a portfolio of more than 50 languages in voice recognition and more than 40 languages for text-to-speech technology

Belgium, Merelbeke - September 26, 2012 – The European Day of Languages – Just in time to celebrate the European Day of Languages a recent report by META-NET, a network of 60 research centres, dedicated to preserving Europe’s diverse linguistic heritage has highlighted the vital role of voice technology in protecting less widely spoken European languages.

Nuance, as a global provider of voice and language solutions, is playing an important role in preserving some of these unique European languages. Backed by millions of hours of speech data and with a vast repository of voice utterances, Nuance has developed voice recognition today in more than 50 languages and text-to speech synthesis in more than 40 languages with 70 different voices.

Since December 2009, Dragon Dictation and Dragon Search mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch have brought the power of Nuance’s Dragon voice recognition to tens of millions across North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. It’s today in 38 countries worldwide and 20 countries across Europe, including less-widely spoken European languages such as for example Greek, Slovak, and Danish.

“We believe the continued investment that we’re making into the research and development of natural language understanding technology helps recognise the importance of sustaining Europe’s multitude of languages in the digital age”, comments Vlad Sejnoha, Chief Technology Officer, Nuance Communications. “Through the work of our global team of speech scientists and researchers, we’re seeing voice interaction adapt to local dialects and regional accents for increased recognition accuracy, and further engagement with mobile devices.”

Dragon voice recognition is incredibly pervasive, changing the way people engage with their PCs, mobile phones, tablets, cars, TVs and consumer electronics around the world.Dragon is already used by millions of people worldwide and is the core technology powering an innovative portfolio of voice technologies for consumers and manufacturers, including Dragon NaturallySpeaking, Dragon Dictate for Mac, Dragon Dictation, Dragon Search, Dragon Go!, Dragon TV, Dragon Drive! and Dragon ID.

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