Skåne Healthcare Region is the first to integrate speech recognition into its electronic health record (EHR) in Sweden. Navigation Content

Skåne Healthcare Region is the first to integrate speech recognition into its electronic health record (EHR) in Sweden.

Skåne is the first healthcare region in Sweden to introduce speech recognition as part of its IT support, with the aim of making its EHR more efficient. The region's current working method involves involves digital dictation followed by manual finalization. This is resource-intensive and time-consuming, which can put patient safety at risk. Integrating speech recognition into the EHR allows updated patient information to be made available to the entire organisation immediately. The region has signed a six-year collaboration agreement with Nuance partner Max Manus. An estimated 4000 doctors and 2000 other healthcare professionals will make use of the new working method.

Speech recognition adds new functionality to the EHR by allowing users to enter new text and navigate to different areas of the records simply by speaking. The major benefit is that updated patient records can be accessed by the entire organisation instantly. This means a more efficient way of working plus faster, safer and more effective treatment of patients.

"The dictation process that Healthcare Region Skåne currently uses drains healthcare of important resources. We are certain that the speech recognition tool we have purchased will help us to simplify and improve these processes. We are also convinced that Max Manus is the partner who can best help us to fully exploit the potential of the new tool for our business," says Per Thyselius, Fujitsu consultant, project leader of the speech recognition project at Healthcare Region Skåne.

Max Manus is the leading distributor of Nuance speech recognition solutions for the healthcare sector in Scandinavia. The six-year agreement with Skåne is currently the company's largest contract in Sweden.

"We are very proud that the Healthcare Region Skåne has put its trust in us to deliver one of the largest installations of its kind in Sweden. Scandinavia is a world leader in the development of technical solutions for healthcare and the use of EHRs is widespread. By integrating advanced automatic speech recognition technology it is possible to improve the quality of the EHR while at the same time allowing documents to be created faster and more efficiently but at a lower cost" says Markus Hedberg, sales manager at Max Manus in Sweden.

Dan McGraw, Vice President Nuance Healthcare, adds:

“This is a strategic move toward greater healthcare efficiency in Sweden. The large-scale deployment of leading-edge speech recognition technology will deliver an experience to the whole region of Skåne in which healthcare information is available whenever and wherever it is needed and all information-related barriers – such as delayed or missing reports – have been eliminated for the sake of healthier lives and better treatment outcomes.”

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