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Nuance Announces Dragon Medical 11

Doctors and Healthcare Professionals can rise to the QIPP challenge more easily with the latest in speech recognition

24 January 2011 – Marlow, UK – Nuance Communications has introduced Dragon® Medical 11, the latest version of its medical desktop, real-time speech recognition software. Developed to enable doctors to conveniently and efficiently generate clinical letters and navigate clinical systems, Dragon Medical maximises healthcare professionals’ productivity and performance, enabling them to do more with less to save time, reduce costs, improve information accuracy and raise the quality of service and care delivered to patients. Dragon Medical 11 is available immediately from Nuance’s network of certified partners.

Dragon Medical helps NHS organisations, at regional and local levels, to address the NHS QIPP Programme. QIPP encourages and supports the deployment of innovative technology solutions such as Dragon Medical to deliver increased efficiencies within the NHS, that result in better quality patient care and reduced costs. To help with the financial challenges faced by the NHS, Dragon Medical 11 eliminates waste, reduces administrative costs and unnecessary steps in the documentation process. Dragon Medical has already proved its value at Ponteland Medical Group, as IT and Information Manager, Hillary Aldcroft, explains: "Four months after deploying Dragon Medical, we have witnessed a noticeable decline in workload, thanks to the productivity advantage offered by speech recognition technology."

Healthcare organisations that are already using Dragon Medical to lower their transcription costs, report savings of an equivalent of up to £25,000 per doctor, per year. As well as saving money, the elimination of the transcription task enables medical professionals to spend more quality time with their patients.

Dragon Medical 11 enables clinical letters to be dictated directly up to three times faster than typing, helping to meet the targets to get discharge letters to patients within 24 hours. With accurate reporting central to delivering optimised patient care, Dragon Medical’s accuracy rates of up to 99% ensure clear, accurate, and timely clinical letters.

To ensure consistent accuracy, Dragon Medical has been optimised for non native speakers too, while new medical vocabularies cover almost 80 specialities and sub-specialities. Patient report confidentiality and compliance is assured through the robust encryption of audio and text files.

Helping to speed up the clinical letter creation process are convenient new features including Electronic Health Record (EHR)support, which makes it easy to navigate and dictate within existing clinical and diagnostic support applications and ‘Hidden Mode’, which enables users to click anywhere within a clinical application while dictating, and then to add text where necessary afterwards. The inclusion of Dragon Templates also saves time by automating form-filling applications by adding voice enabled fields in dictation templates. Also, the fully featured, customisable PowerMic hand-held microphone, allows buttons to be programmed to run any Dragon Medical function or user voice command.

Commenting on the launch of Dragon Medical 11, Frederik Brabant, M.D. Nuance Healthcare’s marketing director, said: “Driving efficiency is a key goal of the QIPP objective. Dragon Medical can play a role in increasing the quality of patient care, and safety, through improved clinical letter turnaround time and document consistency. It also has a proven track record in reducing costs. For many healthcare organisations, Dragon Medical will become a key component in achieving their QIPP objectives and will assist in addressing the challenges faced by medical professionals to deliver tangible improvements in both patient care and the bottom line.”


Dragon Medical 11 is available in the UK and in Ireland through Nuance’s network of certified partners; further information is available at Healthcare users of non medical Dragon solutions (Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Standard, Preferred and Professional) are recommended to upgrade to Dragon Medical, as it is best suited for use in a healthcare setting due to its superior accuracy and other powerful medical-only capabilities. For additional information, please visit or request more information at

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Nuance Healthcare

Dragon Medical is one of many products in Nuance’s portfolio of speech-enabled documentation and communication solutions, which includes eScription, SpeechMagic and Dragon Medical. As Nuance Healthcare solutions address specific requirements, healthcare organisations can select the most appropriate Nuance products from the product ‘mix’, according to their needs. This gives them the flexibility to ensure that they’re only investing in the solutions that meet their needs.

eScription for instance converts clinicians’ digital dictations into formatted draft documents that medical secretaries can review and edit. Delivered as a “pay as you go”, on-demand Software as a Service, eScription helps NHS Trusts to significantly increase medical secretaries’ productivity and improve document turnaround time whilst lowering transcription costs – all achieved, crucially, with no impact on a clinician’s working practice.

SpeechMagic meanwhile is a healthcare Software Development Kit platform for building a hospital-wide electronic speech infrastructure. Designed to be easily integrated into third party applications – including a RIS, a HIS or an EHR – its scalability means that it can be deployed locally in a healthcare department, or far more broadly, across an entire region.

Dragon Medical has been developed to enable clinicians to dictate and instantly review their dictated reports. When approved by them, the clinician can then share the report with their peers or colleagues in real time, thereby ensuring that discharge letters can be dispatched to patients within 24 hours.

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