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Please use this form to request features for Dragon NaturallySpeaking or Dragon Dictate for Mac, suggest ways to improve our products and service, or express interest in participating in our beta tests, surveys, or focus groups. (For Dragon Medical, please visit the Dragon Medical Idea Blog.)

The Dragon team reviews all submissions as part of our effort to continually improve - and prioritize. Please provide as much detail as possible. NOTE: We cannot guarantee a reply to each submission.

If you use a PC, be sure to explore the Dragon Resources Library, which includes the latest workbook (over 140 pages, including tips, illustrations and step-by-step instructions), as well as videos and listings of partners who provide individual services remotely or in person. If you use a Mac, see the Mac Products Support Center.

If you require technical assistance or have a service-related question, please visit the Dragon Support page, where you can reach Support and Customer Service via Internet or phone, search the Knowledgebase for the latest  technical details, and access and exchange information through the Forum. (Note: Technical Support is free for the first 90 days after registration or activation.)

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