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Use with a digital recorder to turn recorded voice files of a single speaker into text

Voice Transcription with Dragon

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On the Go with Dragon

Using Dragon with a digital voice recorder can help mobile employees – or anyone on the go – capture notes in the field and create reports faster than ever before. When used with a recorder, Dragon can automatically turn the recorded voice files of a single speaker into text.

It’s easy to transcribe your own recorded speech into text with Dragon. Simply establish a user profile for a digital voice recorder, and have Dragon transcribe your recorded voice quickly and easily when you connect back to your PC or Mac.

Dragon works with many different digital recorders, across various sizes, styles, features and price points. Consult the hardware compatibility list to view tested devices and select the device that best meets your individual needs. An important consideration when selecting your digital voice recorder is the format the device uses to save the audio files.

You may want to be sure your device records in one of these file formats to save yourself the extra step of converting your recordings to an acceptable file format. Or consider using the free Dragon Recorder app which can record files and wirelessly transfer your recordings to your PC or Mac for transcription.  

Transcription Services for Business

With Dragon speech recognition software, businesses who are already dictating documents for others to transcribe, can continue to do so without having to change their workflow. Instead of transcribing from scratch, users can open a transcript of the audio file, listen to the associated dictation while reading the text on screen, and simply make corrections or edits.

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See how Youth Village has implemented Dragon with digital voice recorders to reduce paperwork time by as much as 55% over typing.

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Lecture and Interview Transcription

Though it’s not specifically designed to automatically transcribe lectures or multi-party interviews or meetings, Dragon speech recognition can be used as a transcription solution by students and teachers or writers who need to capture lecture or interview content in writing.

Dragon saves time by letting them transcribe lectures or interviews by simply “re-speaking” audio from a recording. No more cramped fingers from jotting down notes by hand or lengthy sessions typing out recordings by hand.

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Dragon speech recognition software dramatically reduces the time it takes to complete paperwork – from lecture and transcription, to case work and legal documents. With Dragon, users can dictate documents three times faster than typing – with up to 99% accuracy.


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