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Dragon for Social Services

Speech Recognition Software Helps Caseworks Keep Up with Documentation

Focus on Content, Not Typing

Faced with ever-increasing case loads and associated paperwork, most caseworkers have no choice but to type handwritten notes into case reports — back at the office or at home — after an already long and stressful day on the job. This approach not only impacts on documentation timeliness and quality, but accelerates caseworker burnout. Fortunately, there’s a better way. Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software dramatically reduces the time it takes to complete case-related paperwork – from session and contact notes to assessments and treatment plans. With Dragon, caseworkers can dictate documents three times faster than typing — with up to 99% accuracy — using most Windows-based applications. They can use simple commands to control their PC desktop and applications entirely by voice. They can even use a digital voice recorder to capture notes in the field and Dragon will automatically transcribe the audio files when they connect to their PC.  What’s more, agencies can deploy Dragon broadly to speed-up case documentation turnaround without changing current business processes, existing applications or deployed information systems. There’s no easier or more effective way to increase caseworker productivity and satisfaction for reduced turnover rates.

Empowering Caseworkers to Work Smarter and Faster

  • Speed-up turnaround of case documentation by dictating reports — three times faster than typing!
  • Increase mobile productivity by dictating into a  digital voice recorder for later transcription
  • Improve report quality by capturing detailed session notes while they are still fresh
  • Prevent the repetitive stress injuries that are so common in typing-intensive jobs
  • Curb burnout by reducing the time it takes to complete case documentation
  • Streamline case documentation workflow with operational voice commands
  • Reduce costly turnover by helping caseworkers to achieve better life/work balance
  • Ensure all Windows-based applications are accessible to employees with disabilities


Cut Documentation Completion Time
Empower caseworkers to turn voice into text with up to 99 percent accuracy using virtually any Windows-based application. Dragon 11 enables social workers to create documents three times faster than most people type. 

Improve Report Quality
Replacing the frustrating process of typing with the ability to complete reports by voice encourages caseworkers to enter more detail. In addition, enabling caseworkers to dictate session notes while they are still fresh in their minds leads to more complete, detailed and consistent case documentation.

Send and Manage Email
Like most professionals, caseworkers are bombarded with email every day. By enabling them to compose, send and manage email entirely by voice, Dragon delivers dramatic productivity gains so caseworkers can get more done in any given working day.

Increase Productivity on the Go
Enable caseworkers to be more productive on the go by dictating session notes into a handheld digital recorder; Dragon 11 will automatically transcribe the audio files of their voice when they connect the recorder to their PC.

Curb Caseworker Burnout
Help caseworkers achieve better work/life balance by dramatically reducing the time it takes to complete case documentation. Address costly turnover by giving caseworkers the tools they need to spend less time in the office typing and more time in the community helping people in crisis. By reducing tedious administrative tasks and fatigue, Dragon helps to increase job satisfaction for case workers.

Manage Large User Networks
Dragon 11 offers administrative tools to manage large user populations. Organisations with large deployments can centrally manage voice profiles, custom vocabularies and multiple installations. Robust security and configuration options enable administrators to control Dragon usage across the enterprise.


Jim Coursin:
A caseworker for children at Clinton County Protective Services in New York, Jim travels around the county conducting hundreds of interviews per year. The handwritten notes taken at all those interviews must be entered into the agency’s Windows-based case management system. Even given Jim’s impressive typing speed of 60 words per minute, inputting all those notes was an extremely time-consuming process. Now he dictates his notes into a digital recorder and Dragon automatically transcribes the text. Thanks to Dragon, Jim not only saves about an hour a day in text input, but he is able to provide more detailed and complete notes about each interview. 

Rosemary Johnson:
Because Rosemary Johnson, a Florida DCF adult protective investigator, handles cases in three different counties, she spends her days in the car driving long distances to meet with individuals in crisis. Frequently she is unable to make it back to the office for two or three days at a time. Dragon helps her keep pace with paperwork while on the road by letting her dictate notes into a digital recorder or a headset connected to a laptop. When she returns to the office, she can simply upload the recorded files to her computer for automatic transcription.

Barbara Mason:
“I had been working for three years licensing foster families before I discovered Dragon software. Unfortunately I never trained in typing and that left me with a choice of dictating a complete report or slowly and tediously typing it myself. A normal licensing report would be between 15 and 30 pages. I was often conducting interviews with multiple families at the same time and needed to keep all of their lives straight. Since purchasing Dragon I am able to complete an interview and immediately dictate the portion of the report related to my interview. I am able to do more with less due to the Dragon software. I still have my secretary proof my reports, but Dragon has helped her save time also since she no longer has to type the report.”

Jose A. Lugo:
“I am a therapist, who has carpel tunnel as a result of the hours I spend writing Treatment Plans, Notes and reports to various courts in the county of Queens. Dragon has allowed me to do my job with ease and to fulfil my responsibilities to my employer. Dragon allows me to accomplish my responsibilities and remain current in all my affairs.”

James Hanover:
“I work for a state agency in Wisconsin. With my position, I have a lot of paperwork which I have to process daily. Without Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the demands of my job. I have cerebral palsy. And because of my disability, I can’t type like most individuals. I also have a significant speech impediment. But despite these barriers, Dragon has become my best source of communication. The thought of your programme making me more independent was a fascinating concept for me. Until I was introduced to the programme, I was dependent on support staff for some of my reporting. I tried to do a lot of it myself but it got to the point where my "pecking" wasn't good enough. I really liked the idea of independence. There were moments when I wanted to walk away from [Dragon]! My colleague kept encouraging me to keep on trying. Finally, my efforts were rewarded. Suddenly, the words on the screen were the ones that were spoken by me. It was UNBELIEVABLE! As I developed more success, the more hopeful I became. As I became more hopeful, I became more confident. Whereas I was once intimidated by paperwork, with the assistance of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, I looked forward to the challenge that it brought.”


Youth Villages
Youth Villages, a private non-profit organisation, is dedicated to helping children with serious emotional and behavioural problems and their families live successfully. Youth Villages’ 1,600 counsellors and support staff help more than 11,000 children each year from 50 locations across the US. Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional enables counsellors to dictate notes into a digital voice recorder while they're on the road and then automatically transcribe those notes to their office PC. Voice commands further speed and simplify paperwork. Time studies have shown that Dragon reduced family counsellors’ paperwork time by as much as 55% over typing. Since introducing Dragon, Youth Villages has also seen increased counsellor retention and improved job satisfaction levels.

White papers

Increase Caseworker Productivity and Reduce Burnout with Speech Recognition
Today, more and more social service agencies are leveraging speech recognition technology to dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete case-related paperwork – from session and contact notes to assessments and treatment plans. This paper explains how agencies can deploy speech solutions broadly to speed-up case documentation turnaround without changing current business processes, existing applications or deployed information systems.

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A student in our summer programme was struggling with his writing; rushing to get his thoughts out and skipping words he couldn’t spell... After training on Dragon for about an hour and 15 minutes, this student was able to complete a high-quality, six-page paper on Heller Keller in a single evening. 
-Kathy Burris
Assistive Technology Coordinator & Educator
Landmark College
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