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Help your department capture information electronically to serve your constituents more efficiently. And with Nuance’s software licensing options, you’ll save money too.


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Nuance provides tailored, phone-based customer service solutions and speech-driven agency directory applications that that are helping government offices and agencies deliver cost-effective and differentiated service in the midst of budget constraints, staffing shortfalls and increasing citizen and constituent expectations.

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Efficient & Secure Paper, Forms & PDF Solutions

In government today, it’s all about citizen service. Nuance helps government institutions achieve exceptional efficiency along with significant cost savings, greater security, improved auditability and increased productivity.

  • Achieve stronger levels of document control and process security
  • Strengthen disaster-recovery through off-site electronic document storage
  • Increase productivity by transforming paper into editable electronic documents
  • Shrink your organisation’s environmental footprint

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Government workers leverage speech recognition technology to dramatically reduce the time it takes to complete case-related paperwork – from session and contact notes to assessments and treatment plans. Speech recognition software can be used to quickly and accurately create documents and emails so you can focus on meeting the needs of your community, rather than the administrative paperwork.

  • A faster, easier way to complete paperwork
  • Improve report quality
  • Dictate notes in the field for automatic transcription later

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Nuance’s patented speech and text input applications enable faster, easier navigation, messaging and search across a wide array of device platforms. These multi-modal solutions are easily customisable to enhance device utility and team productivity. Nuance’s expertise in language development, speech science and UI design, may be leveraged to create Industry/Business specific text input language databases, speech grammar models, text keyword search files and user interfaces that best meet your unique needs.

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