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Document Imaging in Healthcare

Automate Document Workflows, Reduce Costs, and Deliver Better Patient Care

Healthcare’s transformation from a paper-based to a digitized industry continues to be an uphill struggle. While EHR adoption levels are steadily increasing, there are ongoing interoperability challenges which results in high volumes of paper based communications between providers. This continued creation and use of paper documents decreases productivity, increases costs and PHI security risks, and impedes efforts to achieve Meaningful Use as providers implement EHR systems.  

Document Imaging Healthcare Solutions from Nuance

 With Nuance document imaging solutions—document scanning, print management, PDF creation and editing, and document conversion— healthcare organizations can focus less on managing paper and more on what matters most—delivering higher quality, lower cost patient care.

eCopy ShareScan Suite

Nuance’s eCopy ShareScan for Healthcare solution turns network scanners and MFPs into secure "on-ramps" to EHRs, accelerating access to patient data and making the patient record more complete. With a few simple button presses, a scanned document can be scanned, indexed, named, and attached to the correct patient record as a structured Level 1 HL7 CDA, ready to be consumed by an EHR.

Benefits of eCopy ShareScan Suite:

  • Improved care with accelerated access to paper records
  • Increased productivity with easy to find searchable files
  • Standardized capture to support HIM protocol
  • Simplified EHR integration and support for Meaningful Use information exchange

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Equitrac Office

Equitrac Office print management software helps healthcare organizations gain control of their printing to increase document security, improve compliance efforts, and reduce costs.

Equitrac Office delivers these benefits by authenticating users, enforcing printing rules, and accurately identifying and allocating document costs.

Benefits of Equitrac Office:

  • Increased security of PHI and enhanced HIPAA compliance framework
  • Convenient, secure access to documents wherever needed with Follow-You Printing
  • Significant cost savings and reduced waste with robust print rules and routing


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eCopy PDF Pro Office

Nuance’s eCopy PDF Pro Office is the smarter PDF desktop software companion to MFPs. It is a powerful, easy-to-use PDF solution that lets healthcare workers create, convert, and collaborate like never before. PDF Pro Office makes “hard to do” easy to do.

Benefits of eCopy PDF Pro Office:

  • Dramatic productivity gains with improved ability to create, merge, modify, mark up, search, and highlight PDFs
  • Significant time savings with fillable and savable electronic forms
  • Enhanced document security and control to protect PHI

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