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Meeting the Healthcare Challenge

In the document-intensive, heavily regulated healthcare industry, paper documents present significant challenges for providers and payers alike. You need to ensure that only authorised users have access to sensitive information – while ensuring anywhere/anytime secure access for those authorised users. Encryption of patient health information sent over the internet is now also a requirement. What’s more, providers and payers must have physical safeguards to protect health information from fires, floods and natural/civil disasters. Institutions must also ensure their documents cleanly and smartly integrate with electronic medical records (EMR) initiatives, doctor credentialling and enterprise content management (ECM).

Collectively, it’s a tall order. But Nuance is here to help with a suite of document conversion, management, routing and storage solutions that help providers and payers efficiently capture, use, share and manage the growing mountain of documents connected with their business processes.

  • Digitise and organise clinical and billing records
  • Eliminate off-site record storage
  • Secure sensitive documents
  • Integration with EMR initiatives, doctor credentialling and ECM
  • Create PDF files from any document
  • Convert PDF files into editable Microsoft Word documents
  • Eliminate retyping of information

What Nuance Imaging Solutions Bring to Healthcare Firms

  • Security - Nuance solutions provide several features that improve regulatory compliance for healthcare firms. Increase the security of your documents with encryption, secure storage, user authentication, redaction and the ability to track access and changes to documents.
  • Disaster Recovery - Strengthen your business-continuity strategy by ensuring all documents are digitised and archived off-site in event of a disaster.
  • Compliance - Improve your compliance posture by storing and linking documents and transaction records. Maintain archive integrity and prevent unauthorised access.
  • Lean and Green - Reduce your environmental footprint by cutting your usage of paper – while lowering your costs and improving information accessibility.

Streamlining Key Document Processes For Healthcare

Stronger Confidentiality:

  • Password-protected 128-bit-encrypted document distribution reduces the possibility of unauthorised access to patient information and medical records.
  • Sending electronic documents by email rather than fax ensures confidential, password-protected delivery to a private inbox rather than a public fax machine.
  • You can redact sensitive passages from scanned documents prior to scanning, storing or sending.

A Complete Audit Trail:

  • Nuance maintains a transaction log of all email activity and sends a copy of the sent message and attachments to the sender’s sent-items folder.
  • Secure log-in and authentication features restrict unauthorised users from distributing customer information.

Disaster Recovery:

  • Archive and store your newly electronic documents at a secure remote location for backup and disaster recovery purposes.



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