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Our Healthcare solutions help your practice work more productively. Share patient information, eliminate transcription, and have more time to focus on patient care.

Contact Center Solutions for Healthcare Insurance

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Nuance provides tailored, phone-based Customer Service Solutions that that are helping leading health insurance companies to deliver cost-effective and differentiated customer care via the phone, Web and contact center agents – and earn happy, loyal customers in the process of reducing costs and improving Healthcare accessibility.

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Efficient & Secure Paper, Forms & PDF Solutions

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Healthcare providers need smart solutions for document scanning, document management, OCR, and forms processing to help them regain control over paper-intensive clinical, billing, regulatory, and administrative processes. Nuance helps healthcare firms achieve exceptional efficiency along with significant cost savings, greater security, improved traceability, and increased productivity.

  • The strongest levels of document control and process security
  • Business continuity through offsite electronic document storage
  • An improved compliance posture – without additional burden
  • Greater productivity and collaboration through easier document sharing
  • A greener corporate footprint through vastly reduced paper consumption

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Dragon Medical 360 Mobile Solutions

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The best place to document patient care? At the point of care. The best place to find answers about care? Wherever you have a question.

Speech is the most efficient, accurate and expeditious way to document care and search medical references on the go. Taking full advantage of advances in technology, Nuance Healthcare’s Dragon® Medical 360 Mobile speech recognition solutions help clinicians improve productivity, document more accurate and complete records, access information, and communicate findings and plans – all leading to better patient care.

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Healthcare Solutions

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We no longer live in an era where each patient sees a single doctor in one office at a specific facility. As the industry migrates to an Accountable Care Organization model, clinicians and healthcare organizations share responsibility for the quality and cost of patient care — and healthcare facilities are facing increased pressures to adopt electronic health records (EHR) and reduce costs while delivering a high level of patient care. Nuance Healthcare solutions improve clinician satisfaction, improve care team efficiency, create higher-quality clinical documentation and, ultimately, drive patient safety care.

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Healthcare Options For Outsourced Transcription Services From Nuance

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Nuance Transcription Services

  • Access Experienced MTs
  • Supports on-shore or “follow-the-sun” labor strategy

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