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Paper, Forms & PDF Solutions
that Make a Safe Policy


The sheer abundance of paper in the insurance industry creates daunting challenges – from new-account openings to claims management. Although automated workflow management has helped address the issue, paper inherently creates inefficiencies, redundancies, errors, costs and delays. Today, those trade-offs are no longer acceptable to forward-thinking agents and carriers.

Today, competitiveness requires new levels of efficiency that not only strengthen customer-service initiatives, but also lower costs. Customers are now accustomed to electronic processes that respond to their service needs – and insurers must meet this challenge.

With a complete line of imaging and document-management solutions Nuance helps insurers:

  • Capture client information right at the copier.
  • Scan and text-index documents at the copier for faster and easier search/retrieval.
  • Transform images into editable text in PDF, MS-Word or internet browser files.
  • Use a flexible range of security options.
  • Integrate with account management and claims processing systems.
  • Increase productivity with an easy-to-use interface that employees will quickly and consistently use – "no training required."
  • With Nuance, insurance companies can work with all of their paper documents electronically for easy filing and distribution of claims and policies – in the time it takes to push the “copy” button.

What Nuance Document Scanning & Scanning Solutions Bring to Insurance Firms

  • Security - Insurance firms can increase the security of documents with encryption, secure storage, user authentication, redaction and the ability to track access and changes to documents.
  • Disaster Recovery - Strengthen business-continuity strategies by ensuring all documents are digitised and archived off-site in event of a disaster.
  • Productivity - Insurers can accelerate business processes with the touch of the “copy” button and capture, convert, route, store and manage their documents.
  • Lean and Green - Reduce your environmental footprint by cutting your usage of paper – while lowering your costs and improving information accessibility.

Streamlining Key Document Processes For Insurance

Easier Ability to Work with Documents:

  • Your team can capture and convert a wide range of documents – into and out of dozens of file types.
  • Convert PDFs and images into editable text files and make updates in a word processor.
  • Quickly index, search and retrieve documents – for faster and more accurate customer service.
  • Nuance is easy to learn and use – no training required.

Faster Business Processes

  • No more ploughing through cabinets and folders.
  • No more retyping documents.
  • No more delays and costs.
  • No more space-hogging paper archives.

Disaster Recovery:

  • Archive and store your newly electronic documents at a secure remote location for backup and disaster recovery purposes.


In the past if we sent a claim file from London to New York we had to retrieve, unbind and photocopy it and then post it.  Most files are now available on the intranet, and if they're not already scanned they can be done so in a matter of minutes. 
-Andy Hockenhull, senior vice president, MIS
   United Kingdom & Ireland
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