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Your Partner in Managing Paper,
Forms, & PDF Documents

Meeting the Legal Challenge

In the legal profession, the ability to efficiently create and store paper documents is of paramount importance – even as staff resources continue to shrink. Even small private practices continuously generate a staggering amount of physical documentation. And the management of documentation, evidence, depositions, filings and court proceedings leaves no room for error or lapses in security or availability.

The PDF standard is now the legally recognised format of choice for sharing and archiving case information. But PDFs are only part of the answer. Legal professionals need tools to convert and use text trapped in PDFs as well as solutions to transform paper-based processes into faster, smarter electronic workflows. Nuance makes it happen with solutions that quickly and conveniently produce secure, confidential documents that can be shared, distributed and commented on across diverse applications, business processes and platforms.

Archive your documents without space-hogging cabinets and dramatically improve client service – all while lowering your costs.

  • Digitise and organise your paper records (with full cost-recovery/chargeback)
  • Eliminate off-site record storage.
  • Secure client/case information.
  • Section 508 (Amendment 508 of the US Rehabilitation Act of 1973) accessibility certified.
  • Create PDF files from any document.
  • Convert PDF files in editable Microsoft Word documents.
  • Eliminate retyping of information.

What Nuance Imaging Solutions Bring to Legal Firms

Security -  Legal firms can increase the security of documents with encryption, secure storage, user authentication, redaction and the ability to track access and changes to documents.
Disaster Recovery - Strengthen business-continuity strategies by ensuring all documents are digitised and archived off-site in the event of a disaster.
Productivity - Legal professionals can accelerate client matters with the touch of the “copy” button, and capture, convert, route, store and manage their documents.
Lean and Green - Reduce your environmental footprint by cutting your usage of paper – while lowering your costs and improving information accessibility.


Streamlining Key Document Processes For Legal

Tracking and Billing

  • Nuance helps improve your firm’s efficiency and lets you fully track email and fax activity – for both legal and billing purposes.

Smart, Efficient E-Filing

  • Courts across the country are rapidly mandating electronic filing to replace traditional paper filing, serving, storing and retrieval of court documents. Nuance helps you capture, convert, assemble and file the complete range of legal documents.

Case Management

  • From depositions to complex transactions to memoranda, you need to manage all of these sensitive documents and relate them to specific cases. Nuance works with content management systems and document management systems to store these documents in a central, secure and searchable location.
The Nuance solution is a key enabler in our business expansion. It will allow us to increase our case load without investing in extra people and all of the associated training and other expenses. 
-Les Carter: IT manager, Brown, Dunne & Gray
   United Kingdom & Ireland
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