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Document Scanning & Conversion Manufacturing Solution

How Nuance Helps You


Manufacturers must distribute, track and archive countless documents, such as invoices, receipts, planning documents and engineering change order (ECOs) generated throughout the development and manufacturing process for every piece of equipment, part and assembly. They need to integrate with key human resources, supply chain management (SCM) and enterprise content management (ECM) processes as well. Copying, manually distributing and sending the documents overnight creates a massive, inconvenient and costly paper management problem.

What’s more, today’s emphasis on ISO 9000 quality-management standards creates a separate document burden. To achieve ISO 9000 certification, a manufacturer must collect, update and share its large library of ISO documents with single point access to the latest documentation. Nuance helps manufacturers in a variety of ways. That’s why they rely on our solutions to:

  • Digitise and organise paper records
  • Eliminate off-site record storage
  • Secure manufacturing documents
  • Tie into HRIS, SCM and ECM systems
  • Create PDF files from any document
  • Convert PDF files in editable Microsoft Word documents
  • Eliminate retyping of information

What Nuance Imaging Solutions Bring to Manufacturing Firms

  • Security - Manufacturing firms can increase the security of documents with encryption, secure storage, user authentication, redaction and the ability to track access and changes to documents.
  • Disaster Recovery - Strengthen business-continuity strategies by ensuring all documents are digitised and archived off-site in the event of a disaster.
  • Productivity - Manufacturing professionals can accelerate business processes with the touch of the “copy” button, and capture, convert, route, store and manage their documents.
  • Lean and Green - Reduce your environmental footprint by cutting your usage of paper – while lowering your costs and improving information accessibility.

Streamlining Key Document Processes For Manufacturing:

Stronger Confidentiality:

  • Password-protected 128-bit-encrypted document distribution reduces the possibility of unauthorised access to proprietary documents.
  • Sending electronic documents by email rather than fax ensures confidential, password-protected delivery to a private inbox rather than a public fax machine.
  • You can redact sensitive passages from scanned documents prior to scanning, storing or sending.

A Complete Audit Trail:

  • Nuance maintains a transaction log of all email activity and sends a copy of the sent message and attachments to the sender’s sent-items folder.
  • Secure login and authentication features restrict unauthorised users from distributing customer information.

Disaster Recovery:

  • Archive and store your newly electronic documents at a secure remote location for backup and disaster recovery purposes.
Since we started using our digital invoicing process with Nuance, we have not misplaced a single vendor invoice. Moreover, we have improved our cash flow by almost 25% and reduced late vendor payments by 30%. All of this adds up to better service to Elmontage customers and an improved working climate. 
-Lars Ringbrant, president - Elmontage H&K AB
   United Kingdom & Ireland
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