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Nuance Automotive Business Portfolio

Powerful Embedded and Connected Speech Solutions


Nuance drives innovation for the automotive market. Our ground-breaking speech products and technologies are integral to building powerful and intuitive voice and multi-modal user interfaces for in-car systems and navigation devices. Nuance technologies enable drivers to interact with a broad range of systems and devices entirely by voice for optimal safety and convenience.

What Sets Nuance Apart?

  • Broadest portfolio of technologies: speech recognition, TTS, signal enhancement, predictive text, character recognition and more
  • Unrivalled language support
  • Global support for local markets: local R&D and professional services teams in all major car markets
  • Leading UI expertise: native language user interface design experts covering all major languages
  • Full solution offering
  • Broadest level of experience: hundreds of projects for all major car and PND manufacturers


High Accuracy Speech Recognition Technology


Speech recognition software recognises spoken input, enabling car drivers to interact with a system, input information or dictate text — all by voice. Nuance speech recognition technology delivers an exceptionally high degree of accuracy — even in noisy environments like automotive.

  • Large vocabulary speech recognition
  • Natural language understanding
  • Multi-lingual 

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Natural Sounding Text-To-Speech


Text-to-Speech (TTS) software converts text into clear and highly intelligible speech output to enhance both embedded and mobile conversational applications, enabling drivers to listen to incoming text messages, dynamic travel information and more.

  • Natural sounding voice
  • Multi-lingual voice output
  • Combination of speech synthesis and recorded prompts

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Speech Signal Enhancement

Remove noise from microphone input and send out a cleaner signal with Nuance’s advanced suite of technologies.

  • Echo cancellation
  • Noise reduction
  • Improved audio quality and recognition performance 

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Text Input Solutions

Nuance’s input solutions make text input more comfortable and safer for car drivers

  • XT9: Predictive Text
  • T9 Write: Handwriting recognition
  • T9 Trace: input text on any touch display with continuous motion 

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Dedicated Professional Services Team

Dedicated team of experts for successful design, development and implementation of innovative speech and multi-modal solutions.

  • Expertise across multiple disciplines
  • Experience from hundreds of projects
  • Local teams and native speakers in all key regions
  • Clearly defined descriptive phrases


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