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Single Consistent Voice User Interface to the Connected Car


The “Connected Car” provides added value to the driver by accessing dynamic information that cannot be built in to the vehicle and that enhances the driving experience. NVC Automotive offers car drivers one seamless voice user interface to on-board and off-board applications.

  • Messaging services, including short message (SMS) dictation
  • Real-time points-of-interest/local search
  • Real-time information services
  • Services accessed through the car infotainment system

Leverage Our Speech Solution Experience

  • Proven automotive embedded speech UI deployments
  • Proven mobile network services (NVC)
  • Dragon Dictation for iPhone
  • Unified, seamless user experience
  • Hosting capabilities for network based speech solutions
  • Hybrid automotive speech solution Capture the power of state-of-the-art embedded and network-based speech recognition and text-to-speech

Extended Communication Functions

Extended phone and messaging

On-board speech enabled functions:

  • Voice-activating
  • Readout of incoming SMS messages

Off-board speech enabled functions:

  • SMS dictation
  • Social media updates

Extended Navigation and Location-Based Services

On-board speech enabled functions:

  • Command and control
  • Voice destination entry
  • POI search on local database
  • TMC message readout

Off-board speech enabled functions

  • Local search and extended POI search using network database
  • Driving related information services such as real-time traffic and weather, and fuel pricing

Extended Entertainment Functions

On-board speech enabled functions:

  • Selecting radio stations by voice
  • Music selection for in-vehicle music players

Off-board speech enabled functions:

  • Music and video on demand with connection to music and video stores
  • Controlling Internet radio by voice

Internet Access

On-board speech enabled functions:

  • Search for pre-defined topics

Off-board speech enabled functions:

  • Open voice search
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