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The leading solution for sustained cost recovery

A clear vision to protect profitability

Today’s law firms strive to find a balance between streamlining client service and tracking activity for accurate billing. IT managers are burdened by the complexity of multiple vendors and systems. End users, reliant on tablets and smartphones, struggle to print and scan securely and efficiently. Above all, administrators lack the visibility to reduce cost of ownership. Copitrak is a single, integrated solution that addresses these concerns – seamlessly tracking and recovering costs while automating your document scanning workflow and accelerating profitability.


Reap the benefits of Copitrak

Copitrak automates the document lifecycle, breaks down scanning workflow bottlenecks and delivers the accessibility you demand – all while providing critical insights into expenses, profitability and cost recovery.

Cost of ownership

Achieve a lower total cost of ownership with Copitrak’s unique integrated platform.


Increase productivity thanks to seamless access across smartphones, tablets, terminals and more.


Enhance visibility into cost recovery, hard copy expenses and firm-wide waste reduction.


Stay nimble with a state-of-the-art solution built on an open system using modern industry standards.


Easily convert, edit and share PDF files with one click from any print application.

Law firms: A glaring need for a better solution

85% don’t have a data loss prevention programme in place


don’t have a data loss prevention programme in place

56% pay up to 3 times more for PDF software than they should


pay up to 3 times more for PDF software than they should

39% rate security and risk management as their top technology issues


rate security and risk management as their top technology issues

Source: ILTA 2014 Technology Survey

Add-on modules

Get the most out of the industry’s No. 1 cost recovery solution with these award-winning modules:

Centralised management, monitoring and reporting

Copitrak System Software is the core component of the Copitrak suite of solutions, providing complete functionality – from user and account validation to transaction collection and costing to reporting and exporting.

Download Copitrak System Software data sheet

Secure, easy-to-use and highly compatible platform

Copitrak Eclipse Terminal can communicate with your Copitrak server from virtually anywhere and is compatible with all fax devices. The intuitive interface is fast, accurate and secure.

Download Copitrak Eclipse Terminal data sheet

Simplified, zero-footprint, MFP-integrated user interface

Copitrak Embedded technology is a software-only solution that enables the Copitrak system to operate seamlessly on today’s most popular MFP devices, including Canon, HP, Ricoh, Xerox and Lexmark.

Download the Copitrak Embedded data sheet

Track and route printer, plotter and copier activity

Copitrak Print is the industry’s most advanced print tracking software. It integrates seamlessly with existing systems across your firm – yielding the highest print recovery rates without impacting productivity.

Download Copitrak Print data sheet

Track and manage copy centre jobs and print queues

Copitrak Print Room enables you to easily track and accurately bill all print jobs in reprographics and document centres. Manage print jobs with drag-and-drop simplicity – and monitor progress in real time via Copitrak System Software.

Download Copitrak Print Room data sheet

Track, report, audit and recover telephone activity and charges

Copitrak Phone delivers effortless tracking and costing of telephone usage. Track the newest VoIP-based systems – Nortel, Cisco, 3Com, Avaya and others – as well as older analogue systems.

Gain control of your calls with a powerful pricing model and hundreds of built-in, filterable reports. What's more, Copitrak Phone seamlessly integrates phone data from multiple offices into one system.

Automate scanning workflows and associated cost recovery

Available with Eclipse Terminal or as a stand-alone solution, Copitrak Scan enables you to route, track and scan jobs through a single workflow – sending images to Copitrak System Software for accurate billing and reporting.

Download Copitrak Scan data sheet

Reconcile exception transactions with a single application

Copitrak Editor enables you to reconcile exception transactions with an invalid or missing client or matter ID – ensuring complete accountability, cost verification and a continuous cost recovery workflow.

Download Copitrak Editor data sheet

Secure mobile print queue and scan inbox

MyVault technology empowers you to easily and securely output print jobs anytime, anywhere with an iPhone, Android or other mobile device.

Keep unauthorised parties from picking up sensitive print jobs. Increase productivity and satisfaction by allowing employees to use the most convenient printer – and even print additional copies days later. Reduce printer waste and save money by only outputting when you're ready to pick up.

See how Copitrak can help you track and recover costs while increasing productivity and profitability.

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