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Desktop Speech Recognition

Turn your thoughts and ideas into text as fast as you can say them


What if you could create email, documents and spreadsheets without touching your keyboard? What if you could control your computer just by talking to it? Now you can. With Dragon speech recognition software, you can turn your voice into text three times faster than most people type. Plus you can launch applications, open files, manage email and work on the web – all by voice.

Turn Talk Into Text

The Dragon Product Family

For Enterprise and Public Sector

Busy professionals can create documents and emails, fill out forms or applications and streamline workflow tasks – all by voice. Organisations with large deployments can centrally manage voice profiles, custom vocabularies and multiple installations.

  • Three times faster than typing
  • Work hands-free
  • Automate and streamline workflows
  • Ideal for enterprise deployments

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For Small Business

Finally: technology that can help you get more things done faster in your busy day. It’s like having an extra pair of hands, or a personal assistant for your computer. Create documents, email, reports and spreadsheets in minutes instead of hours – just by talking.

  • Control your digital world by voice
  • Keep up with your brain
  • Work comfortably, anywhere
  • Automate tasks to work faster and smarter

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For Existing Customers

Whether you’re a Dragon veteran or completely new to speech recognition, you will find a comprehensive set of reference tools within our customer portal. Instructional videos, newsletters and cheat sheets will help you make the most of your Dragon experience.

  • Tools to help you get started with Dragon
  • Tips on microphones and other hardware
  • Videos, guides, tutorials and more
  • Connect with other Dragon users

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For Developers

The Dragon software developer kit (SDK) is used by developers and integrators to add speech recognition capabilities into in-house and commercial applications or workflow applications. This toolkit enables everything from free-text dictation to command and control functionality.

  • Deploy as part of a server- or client-based solution
  • Dragon AudioMining enables text search of audio files

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