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eCopy ShareScan v5

Capture, Process, Connect, & Automate

Engage your organisation in an effort to increase office productivity and shrink your environmental footprint by automating paper-intensive processes using your office copier. eCopy ShareScan empowers your staff to capture the data in paper documents easily and securely using readily available copiers and MFPs.

Right from the office copier, eCopy ShareScan can...

eCopy ShareScan Suite eCopy ShareScan Suite Boxshot thumbnail

Capture, Process, Connect & Automate

eCopy ShareScan Suite is the ideal solution for organisations that need to automate processing of structured documents using MFPs. Right from the copier, you can capture, process, connect and automate office documents within your online workflows. The result, your staff is more engaged and your business moves faster.

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eCopy ShareScan Office eCopy ShareScan Office Boxshot thumbnail

Capture, Process & Connect

eCopy ShareScan Office is the preferred MFP scanning and OCR solution for integrating paper based content into word processing, spreadsheet, collaboration and document management workflows. Quickly capture paper-based information directly into Microsoft Office and eliminate the need to re-key, distribute or archive paper. Never before has engaging your staff been this easy.

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eCopy ShareScan Elements eCopy ShareScan Element Boxshot thumbnail

Capture & Send

eCopy ShareScan Elements is the cost-effective solution for medium to large enterprises that need to deploy the most commonly used document capture and OCR functions across its fleet of copiers. eCopy ShareScan Elements simplifies the management of distributed document capture workflows: scan-to-mail, scan-to-PC desktop, scan-to-file and conversion to searchable and ultra-compressed PDF throughout your enterprise.

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eCopy ScanStation

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Capture, Process, Connect & Automate

Powered by eCopy ShareScan Suite software, eCopy ScanStation engages your staff through a secure kiosk for network document scanning applications. Uniquely engineered to support document security, enhanced accessibility and faster index-data entry, eCopy ScanStation provides connectivity to copiers, MFPs and scanners that don’t support embedded scanning and OCR solutions.

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