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Equitrac Express

Control Print Costs and Reduce Waste with Print Management

Equitrac Express gives schools, colleges and education authorities improved control over printer output, with a software-based printer management solution. By tracking every print, copy and scan at a user level, and determining the exact cost of each print job, administrators can implement print quotas, pay-per-print programmes or budgetary charge-back policies with the aim of curbing uncontrolled print activity and costs. Allocating these costs to the appropriate student, departmental or staff account encourages everyone to promote responsible print management, as well as minimise wasted paper and toner.

Equitrac Express allows you to:

  • Track output from all printers and MFPs
  • Set and enforce quotas or pay-per-print programmes to encourage responsible printing
  • Allocate printing costs to a specific department/grant
  • Discourage print waste and abuse, while enforcing rules for output
  • Enable authenticated printing via ID or matriculation cards, providing secure and convenient access to printing
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Equitrac Express

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