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Equitrac Professional

Control Expenses with Print Management and Cost Recovery

Document production and cost recovery practices have evolved, and Equitrac Professional can help modern law firms take control of document expenses. In addition to simply recovering client-billable expenses, Equitrac Professional® provides firms with comprehensive print management and document scanning capabilities that will reduce costs, increase security, and eliminate waste.

Equitrac Professional gives all providers of professional services the ability to:

  • Track and allocate all billable client expenses automatically, integrating with time management and billing systems
  • Personalise the user experience on all devices, with roaming user profiles, user-definable favourite client/subject codes and print/scan workflows using the TouchPoint Console
  • Add security and convenience to printing by utilising authentication to release print jobs from any networked printer
  • Enforce internal rules that reduce total print volume
  • Convert scanned documents to searchable and editable files for improved archiving, document discovery, and productivity
  • Redirect print jobs to the most cost-effective machines
  • Make scanned documents compatible with court-filing requirements, with PDF/A output and file-size control


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Equitrac Professional

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