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Nuance® Vocalizer

Embedded small footprint text-to-speech engine that processes audio from static recordings

Nuance® Vocalizer produces high quality synthesised speech by seamlessly blending audio recordings with its rich speech database. Vocalizer’s modular software architecture allows for fast integration and easy voice and language updates. Naturally sounding text-to-speech is available in multiple languages for increased device value.

Benefits of Nuance Vocalizer

  • Hands-free, eyes-free experience especially while driving
  • Single interface for simple speech application development
  • Extensive collection of accurate pronunciations
  • Less complex programming and prompt management screens
  • Highly customisable to integrate recordings and tune voices

Our benefits to you as an…


  • Naturally sounding text-to-speech in multiple languages increases device value
  • Modular software architecture for fast integration-easy voice and language updates.
  • Small footprint, low operational and implementation costs
  • OS and platform independent – available for feature and smartphones

Application Developer

  • Gain access to Nuance’s extensive collection of accurate, pre-defined pronunciations for names and addresses.
  • Enhance mobile applications with high quality TTS solution - easy integration.
  • Drive application usage, increase reach and coverage
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Nuance® Vocalizer

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