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Build your application faster with proven optical character recognition (OCR) and transformation technology

If you are a software engineer creating any kind of application that must capture, recognise, classify, and extract information, or convert images and PDF files into editable documents, then OmniPage technology is for you.

OmniPage integrates the world’s most accurate OCR technology into every Nuance imaging solution we offer, and now you can employ this same technology in your own software. OmniPage toolkits, pre-built modules, and OCR APIs provide the absolute fastest way to incorporate imaging capabilities into your solutions on any platform or embedded device.

Windows Development

The OmniPage Capture SDK for Windows is designed for software engineers, and for deep integration into software applications that run in any Windows environment whether it’s a desktop, server, or in the cloud.

In addition to outstanding speed and accuracy with numerous product performance options and best-in-class PDF management, the OmniPage Capture SDK's unique tools deliver powerful form recognition and document classification technologies. Engineers all over the world turn to the reliability and versatility of the OmniPage Capture SDK to create the perfect solutions for their customers.

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Conversion server for developers

The OmniPage Server product suite includes server applications, server APIs, a Folder Watcher and web Conversion Client. All its user interface components are web-based. The simple API allows software developers to add OCR software to their applications with minimal effort.

OmniPage supports common conversion workflows and template-based form processing while providing HTTPS connections from virtually any platform for maximum versatility. Compiled sample programs with source code are available so that software developers can connect the OmniPage Server application to their own applications without deep integration. Software engineers rely on the OmniPage Server as a highly scalable solution for industrial, high-volume applications.

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Linux development

If software developers choose the freedom and diverse capabilities of the most popular open-source operating systems on the market today, it's for a reason. With the OmniPage Capture SDK, the most accurate and versatile OCR software is now available for Linux.

Not only does the OCR SDK include everything developers could want, it also provides access to the expertise of the Nuance Imaging Technology Team who have decades of integration experience. Our engineers have assisted in the development of many commercial and embedded applications on the Linux platform, so the versatility and functionality of your solution is only limited by your imagination.

Discover OmniPage for Linux

Macintosh development

The Macintosh desktop platform is designed for elegance and maximum creativity. App developers for the Mac operating system can rely on the OmniPage SDK for Macintosh to deliver the fastest and most accurate document conversion. OmniPage SDK for Macintosh OCR doesn’t just convert from PDF to text, it can convert to all PDF formats and create editable text-based formats like Microsoft Word, Excel and RTF.

The OmniPage Capture SDK for Macintosh also features image preprocessing from cameras and smartphones for the best possible document quality when you convert images to text. It extends applications from creative possibilities to practical business requirements that will give your software the edge over the competition. Don’t compromise on document conversion accuracy or features; go ahead and create those truly unique imaging applications your customers will love.

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