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OmniPage Professional X

Turn documents into electronic files you can edit, search and share

OmniPage Professional  X for Mac

OmniPage Pro X's superior accuracy eliminates retyping, saving you time and increasing your productivity. New functionality lets you convert PDFs into your favorite formats or convert paper documents into PDF files. All this, plus improved formatting, table recognition and a host of other innovative capabilities are designed with one goal in mind: make you more productive.


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OmniPage Professional X for Macintosh is the most advanced OCR solution ever for Mac users, delivering a host of new features designed to save you time and effort.


  • Improved Accuracy - The best just got a whole lot better. With OmniPage Pro X for Macintosh, our recognition engines now reduce word errors by 40%, making it the most accurate OCR software for the Mac and a giant leap forward for productivity and time savings.
  • New De-Speckle Module - Our new De-Speckle Module improve handling of degraded documents. Faxes, copies (and, yes, copies of copies) can now be recognized with exceptional accuracy.

Format Retention:

  • Improved Formatting - Formatting is as important as accuracy. Our new page formatter helps OmniPage Pro X for Macintosh maintain page layouts and formats better than ever. All the design elements are preserved: columns, tables, indents, photos, graphics,  and more.
  • Spreadsheet and Table Recognition - For the first time, OmniPage offers Mac users a way to convert paper spreadsheets and tables into digital assets. Convert these pages into your favorite spreadsheet or word processing program while maintaining text alignment and cell styles

Input Format:

  • PDF Conversion - For the first time, convert PDF files into Microsoft Office files (or any of 20 other formats) that you can edit – quickly, easily, and accurately – all while maintaining the PDF's original formatting.

    Output Formats:
  • PDF – Turn paper documents into fully searchable PDF files that are transferable across platforms. Output is available in four “flavors”:  normal, normal with image substitutes, image only, and image on text.
  • Formatted HTML Output - With OmniPage, turning paper into Web pages has never been easier. Our new WYSIWYG HTML output maintains the formatting of documents when they're converted to HTML.
  • Microsoft Office Integration - OmniPage's Direct OCR software lets you move text directly into Microsoft Word and Excel without running OmniPage. It even works with Office v. X.

User Interface:
New User Interface - Our new GUI meshes perfectly with the new Apple operating system to deliver the easiest, most intuitive OCR experience ever.

Other Features:

  • Voice Read Back - Voice read back literally reads recognized text back to you. It’s great for faster and better proofreading.
  • Multiple Language Support – OmniPage offers full support for most Western European languages including French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.
  • AppleScript Compatible –Automate tasks with the ease and power of AppleScripts.
  • Designed For OS X - OmniPage Pro X for Macintosh is the first OCR software specifically designed for OS X. Since OmniPage works natively in OS X, you can take full advantage of all the stability, performance, and memory management that Apple’s new OS has to offer (and it also works with OS 9).

Tech Specs

System requirements for OmniPage Pro X Imaging Software

  • 128 MB of RAM on Mac OS X
  • 64 MB of RAM on Mac OS 9 with 32 MB allocated to OmniPage Pro (or 64 MB allocated to handle full-page color images with more than 256 colors)
  • 80-100 MB of free hard disk space
  • Mac OS 9.0 or later
  • Mac OS X (10.1)
  • 800 x 600 screen resolution or higher
  • QuickTime 4.1 or later
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