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T9 Nav® Smart Search

Think it. Find it.  Revolutionary search and discovery application for easy, direct access to features and services

T9 Nav® Smart Search

T9 Nav® is a search and discovery application for finding content and services on mobile devices and within a network. By simply typing the first few letters of a search, the results of potential matches are dynamically filtered across multiple categories, allowing users to directly access features or services, no matter the location or menu hierarchy. 

T9 Nav provides intelligent search functionality by combining core predictive text technology from Nuance and an adaptive indexing capability. This unique solution allows the subscriber to have a unified view of services directly from their phone’s idle screen.

T9 Nav also allows Operators to directly engage with their subscriber base, create a differentiated experience, improve the usability of the device, and in turn, enable an enjoyable mobile experience!

Key Features:

  • “One key press per letter” based input for faster text entry
  • Supports 12-key and Qwerty keyboards, and touchscreen input
  • Indexes all data on the user’s device (Contacts, Emails, SMS, Bookmarks, etc.)
  • Seamlessly integrates on-device and online content
  • Targeted keyword search reduces task completion time by over 67%
  • Adapts to user’s behaviour
  • Supports over 100 languages


Benefits of T9 Nav


 T9 Nav™ offers the ability to link with back-end operator capabilities for easy user access to mobile adapted content and additional value-add services, providing new or enhanced revenue opportunities for OEMs and Operators.

  • Ability to prioritise keywords that access off-device content. For example, the keyword “coffee” can be prioritised in the on-device results list and linked to specific off-device content relating to that topic
  • Interoperable with existing UI: search results provide interactivity directly from results page without having to leave the user environment
  • Improved discoverability encourages user experimentation with Operator offerings
  • Opens new avenues to manufacturers to experiment with hardware design (fewer menu buttons required, improved use of limited screen real estate)



The T9 Nav Suite includes: 

  • Core Engine  -  Indexes multiple categories of content (e.g. Contacts, Media, Calendar Entries, Email, SMS, Bookmarks, Phone Features/Settings, etc.)
  • Thin-Client Integration  -  Drop-in applications for S60, Android and Windows Mobile
  • Server Side Solutions  -  Keyword Management Server that enables keyword driven off-device search.  Supports:
    • Dynamic keyword mapping
    • Over-the-Air updates
    • Reporting
    • Promotional capabilities


The T9 Nav core indexing engine supports all Latin-1 and Cyrillic languages. 


The S60 downloadable application has been localised into the following 15  languages:
Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish and Ukrainian

   United Kingdom & Ireland
T9 Nav® Smart Search

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