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T9 Trace™ – Think It. Trace It.

Faster, Easier Text Entry on Touchscreen Devices

As the latest addition to the T9® product portfolio, T9 Trace™ is a revolutionary continuous touch text input application for touchscreen devices. New T9 Trace eliminates the need to "hunt and peck" keys on a touchscreen panel by allowing users to simply "trace" letters to enter text. With T9 Trace, users can quickly and easily glide their finger or stylus from one letter to the next on a Qwerty or 12-key touchscreen keypad. And, because T9 Trace is integrated with XT9®, it leverages XT9's patented predictive text technology to provide error correction and word prediction capabilities that enable faster input and superior word completion accuracy.

T9 Trace allows users to seamlessly switch back and forth between tracing and tapping at any time, giving users greater flexibility and control over the way they input text on their device. T9 Trace supports over 70 languages, and it may be integrated on any device platform.

Key Features

  • Seamless Multimodal Entry — Allows users to effortlessly switch between tracing and tapping when entering text
  • Multimodal Support — Supports QWERTY and 12-key touchscreen layouts
  • Sloppy-Type™ Correction — Corrects regional error entry on Qwerty keypads
  • Spell Correction — Corrects common misspelling, over and under-typing errors.
  • Next Word Prediction — Predicts entire phrases based on phrases typed most often
  • Word Order Preferencing — Adjusts word order based on user preference and prior usage
  • Enhanced Word Completion — Allows users to more easily type in unique words, including chat phrases, email addresses and URLs
  • User Added Words — Easily store and use favourite slang abbreviations and more
  • XT9® Backup — Back up personalised XT9® word databases for easy device transfer
  • Smart Punctuation — Automatic punctuation in trace and tap modes
  • Bilingual Input — Simultaneously text in two languages
  • Extensive Language Support — Over 70 languages supported


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