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JOTT Voicemail to Text Services

Read Your Voicemails Anywhere, Anytime on Your Mobile Phone

Saving time and being readily contactable at all times is critical in today’s business environment. Traditional voicemail services no longer serve business executives in today’s fast paced environment. Accessing voicemail requires too much time and is done only when you have spare time.

With Voicemail-to-text services, you can read your voicemails on your mobile phone anywhere, anytime. You save time, are better informed and can immediately reply with a single touch.

  • Voicemails delivered as SMS or email ensure a familiar and easy experience
  • Save time as reading voicemails is much faster than listening
  • Be better connected as voicemail text is delivered immediately after the message is left
  • Text delivery ensures you get the message anywhere at anytime
  • Easily reply with SMS, email or phone call with the touch of a button

Voicemail-to-Text thru Carrier and Unified Communication Partners jott v2t man listening to voicemail thumb

Nuance offers voicemail-to-text through our mobile carrier and unified communication partners on a global basis. Please check with your carrier or unified communications partner.



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