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Voice-to-Text Services

Turn Talk into Text


Nuance leads the industry in converting speech-to-text. This is done globally, at scale, across many different languages. This has empowered our carrier and unified communication partners with the ability to launch services with voice-to-text conversion as the primary value proposition. Examples include voicemail-to-text, speak-an-SMS and visual voicemail services.

Voice-to-Text Empowers Differentiation

Voicemail-to-Text Services voicemail to text thumb

Nuance's voice-to-text platform delivers both semi-automated and fully-automated services globally to empower carriers and enterprises to tailor their voicemail-to-text service to meet specific market needs.

  • Powered by Nuance industry leading speech technologies
  • Across 7 languages
  • Highest quality in industry
  • Carrier and Enterprise scale

Speak-an-SMS Service speak SMS thumb

Give the calling party the ability to speak an SMS message if the called party is not available.

  • Turn missed calls into SMS messages.
  • Calling party gets their message through.
  • Carriers experience higher call completion, driving revenues higher.
  • Called party can respond to the SMS message with one-click.

Visual Voicemail Services visual voicemail thumb

Nuance visual voicemail clients take voicemail to the next level by integrating voicemail and voicemail-to-text services into one powerful experience

  • Unparalleled experience to read and listen to voicemails
  • Easily respond with text or speech with Dragon service
  • Nuance client assures high quality and speed to market

Nuance Create Developer Programme create developer programme thumb

Create Developer Programme provides a simple API to build and commercialise applications using Nuance Voice-to-Text systems

  • Create web, handset or SMS based applications
  • Nuance converts to voice to text for your application
  • Standard terms enable fast development
  • Clearly defined descriptive phrases - up to 55 characters

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