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Nuance Business Consulting

Strategic Planning and Business Optimisation Services to Ensure your Contact Centre Success

Our Business Consulting team delivers strategic guidance and actionable roadmaps to help companies like yours deliver exceptional phone-based customer service backed by well-thought-out, customer-friendly automation. With deep vertical expertise and over 20 years of experience, we can deliver solid results for your business, too.

Our Services

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We’ll help you define what customer experience means to your company and how it should be measured. Together, we’ll assess the cross-channel experience you’re currently delivering to customers, benchmark your service against your competitors and cross-industry peers, and develop and implement a roadmap for driving sustainable improvements.

  • Cross-channel experience evaluation/recommendations
  • Self-service application roadmaps
  • Identification and authentication strategies
  • Performance metrics and reporting strategies
  • Routing and segmentation strategies
  • Continuous improvement and governance strategies

Strategic Planning BusinessConsulting Thumb 3

We’ll work with you to develop actionable strategies that align your business goals and key contact centre initiatives to properly position your company for future success. We help you maintain a consistent focus on driving improvements in customer loyalty, reducing costs and maximising contact centre revenue opportunities.

  • Cross-channel experience assessment and roadmaps
  • Technology and infrastructure evaluation/recommendations 
  • Defining the right mix of cross-channel technologies
  • Routing and segmentation strategies
  • Identification and authentication strategies
  • Voice and personal branding
  • Technology sourcing and decision support

Business Optimisation BusinessConsulting Thumb 2

Our business optimisation engagements are focused on improving efficiency and effectiveness of your contact centre operations through enhancing performance and improving the customer experience. Every engagement draws from our more than 20 years of experience and deep vertical expertise.

  • Technology and infrastructure evaluation/recommendations
  • Self-service application assessment/recommendations
  • Desktop/CTI strategies to improve agent productivity
  • Routing & segmentation strategy assessment/recommendations
  • Launch support services to drive self-service adoption
  • Performance metrics and reporting

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