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Actionable Guidance to Help You Deliver a Great Customer Experience

Research shows that delivering great customer experience is highly correlated to an increase in customer loyalty – with significant revenue implications. Deliver a poor experience and you risk losing customers and damaging your brand. Provide an exceptional experience and you’ll reap the benefits of improved customer loyalty and revenue gains.

So, what does customer experience mean for your organisation? What are your customers experiencing when they call your contact centre? How do you stack up against your competitors and peers? Are you presenting a consistent brand and experience across all channels? And, how do you measure it all? These are just some of the questions we can help answer.


In-depth Insight and Recommendations

The primary emphasis of our Customer Experience Strategy engagements is on in-depth analysis of how accessibility, usability, relevance and consistency in your customer service channels are affecting your customer experience. We then deliver comprehensive insight to help you see the big picture, along with actionable road maps, strategies and recommendations so you can make intelligent and well-targeted improvements.

Nuance Business Consulting delivers a wide range of customised Customer Experience Strategy engagements. Typical deliverables include:

  • Cross-channel experience evaluation and recommendation
    We evaluate your customer service channels – phone, web, email, mobile and chat – to ensure that you’re delivering a consistent and personalised customer experience.

  • Self-service application road maps
    We create a road map of appropriate self-service applications, including inbound, outbound and supporting technologies that give your customers an intuitive and pleasing caller experience and greater control to data access.

  • Identification and authentication strategies
    We create a blueprint that enables you to launch a successful and widely adopted customer security strategy for voice and other customer service channels, including an analysis and assessment of your caller identification and authentication techniques, regulatory and security considerations and business objectives. Learn more about our Caller Authentication Strategy Assessment.

  • Performance metrics and reporting strategies
    We create a set of comprehensive, well-defined metrics and a companion reporting strategy based on industry standards and your unique business goals, including identification and recommendation of KPIs, reports, dashboards and analytical tools to drive continuous improvement.

  • Routing and segmentation strategies
    We deliver an intelligent routing strategy that aligns with caller segmentation and agent skill set models to better promote personalised interactions across all your customer touch points.

  • Continuous improvement and governance strategies
    We create a strategy to manage, prioritise and justify changes or enhancements to the contact centre that ultimately affect the customer experience.

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