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Nuance Application Reporting


The Complete Call Data Framework For Logging, Data Storage and Reporting

Nuance Application Reporting lets you get the most out of your speech-enabled self-service system by delivering a complete framework for observing and improving your system’s performance. Secure access to your data allows us to examine your callers’ experiences in detail and propose recommendations through detailed analyses. We start with high-level summary views and drill-down into the details of call containment, self-service, transfer reasons and task completion. We can examine specific calls and interactions and answer questions such as:

  • What are the primary reasons why callers opt-out of your IVR speech self-service applications?
  • Do these vary by call type or caller segment?
  • Where are the biggest opportunities for improvement?
  • Where are examples of calls with this behaviour?

Nuance Application Reporting is part of our Reporting Framework and integrates with the rest of the tools in our Nuance Delivery System, but doesn’t require them.


Features of Nuance Application Reporting

  • Integrated reporting framework
  • Powerful tuning reports
  • Optimised business reports


Integrated Reporting Framework
Nuance Application Reporting combines and stores standard Nuance logs from caller interactions, aggregates and accesses this data securely and presents this data in context so you understand what you’re seeing.


Powerful Tuning Reports
These standard reports provide insight into application effectiveness by illustrating the caller experience, giving you clear insight into how to improve your customer service.


Optimised Business Reports
Nuance Application Reporting includes reports and an interface for analysing and optimising your speech and touchtone applications – allowing you to find the right balance between automating calls and delivering an exceptional caller experience.


Nuance Application Reporting Business Package
We can provide you with everything you need to monitor and analyse your application’s performance with the Nuance Application Reporting Business Package. It includes software for business-oriented reports, including five key summary reports, call outcome reports and task reports. We can use configuration files to dynamically define the task and call outcome reports. The Business Package also includes Professional Services for software installation, configuration and definition of up to ten tasks and standard call outcome categories as well as three days of on-site Nuance Speech University training.

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