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Nuance Development Framework


Our System to Ensure Consistent, High-Quality Code Development as We Implement Your Application Design

The Nuance Development Framework is our system for ensuring consistent, high-quality code development as we implement your application’s design. It accelerates our development and testing processes of your contact centre solution by automating most of the code creation – allowing us to spend less time manually coding and more time on quality assurance (QA). The Nuance Development Framework is complementary with third-party tools since it supports open standards, protecting your contact centre investment and providing you flexibility in your choice of platform.

Nuance developed many of the first VoiceXML applications for contact centres around the world and today we’re responsible for more than 75% of all VoiceXML deployments in the Americas. Through this experience we have created exceptional quality applications with the benefit of being highly repeatable and consistent. We’ve built our decades of experience into the Nuance Development Framework. In fact, many of our larger clients have standardised on our Framework.


Benefits of Nuance Development Framework

  • Improve time-to-market by reducing development time
  • Reduce project risks
  • Protect your investment

Improve Time-To-Market by Reducing Development Time
Nuance Development Framework accelerates solution design, development and testing processes. It works hand-in-hand with our Design Framework to automatically generate a large portion of the code. It provides discipline for all our deliverables, making them repeatable and consistent from project to project. Because we spend less time on mundane development tasks, we can spend more time on your project-specific code and with our QA team.


Reduce Project Risks
The Nuance Development Framework captures our decades of intellectual property and experience. The dynamically generated JavaServer Pages (JSP) stand alone; the code is not tied to any specific platform or vendor, not even to our Design Framework tools. The Development Framework provides a simple yet powerful content management framework that simplifies call-flow development, testing, tuning and modification.


Protect Your Investment
The Nuance Development Framework supports open industry standards and is complementary with third-party tools. Since you are not locked into any proprietary file formats, you can choose and switch among any VoiceXML-compatible Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platforms or other development tools for your application. Applications coded in Development Framework automatically log data needed for sophisticated reporting, either through the Reporting Framework or other third-party tools. The Nuance Development Framework also simplifies the task of code maintenance.

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Nuance’s process ensured that each phase was completed and signed off before moving on to the next phase. It was a pleasure to work with an entire team who was so experienced and methodical, yet met our stringent 7-week timeline efficiently. 
-VP of Customer Care, Large Health Insurance Company
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