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Consolidate Your Applications Into A Single, Unified, Role-Based Agent Desktop

Do your contact centre agents juggle multiple applications, screens and systems to get what they need to successfully complete a customer interaction? Our desktop experts can consolidate your applications into a single, unified, role-based desktop that will improve your agents’ ability to provide high-quality customer service. Our customised solutions give you the flexibility to create the best graphical interface for each of your agent groups, in many cases providing at least 80% of relevant customer information on the first screen.

Unified desktop solutions shorten the time your agents spend navigating through multiple screens and applications, resulting in improved Average Handle Time (AHT). Other benefits include elimination of redundant data entry and reduced agent training time. Our desktop framework uses open standards so you can leverage your company’s existing infrastructure in the design and allow flexibility for future modifications based on your business objectives.

Benefits of Agent Desktop Services

  • Reduce AHT and improve agent productivity with a single sign-on screen
  • Reduce agent wrap time by eliminating the need to key data into multiple applications post-call
  • Reduce agent training time by simplifying to a single application
  • Improve your caller experience through increased personalisation and better first call resolution
  • Let your agents focus on customer needs instead of trying to access customer data
  • Increase cross-sell and up-sell opportunities with real-time insight into customer data increase

We can build an end-to-end, customised desktop solution that integrates with your Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) technology and presents aggregated information in an intuitive interface designed by our graphical user interface (GUI) experts. From single-screen pops to sophisticated customer-centric views, our universal desktop solutions can deliver significant benefits to your customers, your agents and your business.


Vertical Industry Experience
Our team understands how to develop industry-specific desktop solutions that provide agents with the right data to resolve customer inquiries. Learn more about our vertical industry experience.


Systems Integration Experience
Our systems integration experience provides us with a practical understanding of the different systems used for agent desktop interface as well as GUI-design best practices.


Proven Process
Our team uses a stringent project methodology to deliver high-quality customer interaction solutions that meet or exceed your business requirements. Our methodical approach ensures successful implementation of optimal solutions customised to your unique business needs.


Agnostic Approach
We can help you identify the right solution, whether a custom desktop or integration with existing assets. Our desktop solutions run as small as low-level connectors and out-of-the-box product configurations up to high end “super-screens” or “composite desktops” designed and rolled out over several years.

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