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Computer Telephony
Integration (CTI)



Optimise Your Routing and Provide Rapid Access to Data In Support of an Exceptional Customer Experience

We design, develop, install and support CTI solutions such as intelligent call routing, reports from analytical tools and screen pops. Proven, well-tested modules and reusable assets, along with our stringent process and methodical approach, ensure we deliver a high quality solution. Our CTI solutions make your agents more efficient and reduce average handle time (AHT). Using our extensive systems integration experience, we’ll tie together your routing, reporting and technology for an end-to-end customer experience you’ll be proud to deliver.

Since 1989, we’ve architected and installed CTI solutions ranging from the basic integration of computer applications with telephony applications to complex solutions that dynamically route callers. Our experience runs the gamut from basic single-site inbound voice installs to multinational, highly available intelligent routing for voice, email and web interactions and is backed by strong working partnerships with key CTI providers including Avaya, Cisco and Genesys.


Benefits of Our CTI Services

  • Improve your caller experience
  • Minimise costly transfers with skills- and rules-based intelligent call routing
  • Enable caller segmentation strategies
  • Provide rapid access to call data via multiple touch points
  • Reduce or eliminate multi-point authentication
  • Reduce your average handle time
  • Increase value of your agent calls through improved call handling
  • Boost your contact centre performance through reporting that displays essential data


Our routing solutions use your customer data and segmentation strategies to route callers to the most appropriate resource, whether it be a self-application, agent or specialist. Skills-based and rules-based distribution logic makes for a smoother customer experience by getting the customer to the right place the first time. Routing strategies are particularly beneficial in contact centres with inefficient operations, diverse skill sets or a complex business structure with multiple business offerings.


Our CTI services provide reporting capabilities that use data from back-end systems to analyse your contact centre operations, providing insight to data for improving resource and programme management. Customised cradle-to-grave reporting lets your agents and supervisors establish benchmarks and delivers a better understanding of contact centre trends and opportunities.


Screen Pop
During a transfer to an agent, we’ll present your agent with a screen pop of historical and real-time customer data from all contact centre channels. With access to this customer data, your agents can focus on revenue-generating activities that take advantage of appropriate up-sell and cross-sell opportunities. The screen pop of data also means callers won’t need to repeat information that they’ve already entered into the automated system. By passing on this information, you’ll reduce call times and provide your customers with a more efficient and personalised experience.

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The screen pop of data eliminates the need for callers to repeat information that they’ve already entered into the IVR, reducing call times and providing customers with a more personalised experience. 
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