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Computer Telephony Integration
and Agent Desktop Services


Services That Work Together to Provide a Seamless, Efficient and Personalised Customer Experience

Our Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) and Agent Desktop services give your contact centre agents the data they need to deliver a great end-to-end customer experience. As your systems integrator, we understand how data is shared through your entire contact centre, from initial contact, to routing and reporting, down to the resolution at your agent desktop. We’ll help you reduce operational costs, drive revenue and improve contact centre agent productivity.


Benefits of CTI and Desktop Services

  • Agents greet callers personally, deliver great service
  • CTI services for intelligent call routing, reporting and screen pop
  • Eliminate mis-routes and transfers
  • Consolidate multiple agent applications into a single unified desktop

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We design, install, and support CTI solutions such as intelligent call routing, reporting and screen pops. Our systems integration will tie together your routing, reporting, and technology for an end-to-end customer experience you’ll be proud to deliver.

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Our desktop experts can consolidate your applications into a single, unified desktop. Doing so will improve your agents’ ability to provide quality customer service as it shortens the time they spend navigating through multiple screens.

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The screen pop of data eliminates the need for callers to repeat information that they’ve already entered into the IVR, reducing call times and providing customers with a more personalised experience. 
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