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Loquendo Automated Speech
Recognition (ASR)

Accurate, Intuitive Speech Recognition

Loquendo ASR is available in 28 languages and is compatible with all major operating systems and speech standards.


  • Delivers a fast and intuitive user experience
  • Eliminates complex menus and commands by simply using your customers' own natural voice
  • Automates customer service interactions to reduce waiting times and lower costs
  • Improves security by removing the human element/customer service assistants from data collection and processing
  • Speaker independent, so is ready-to-use and no training required


  • Combines Neural Networks and Markovian Models, reducing memory requirements and delivering high levels of accuracy even for large vocabularies
  • Speaker independent, but also provides tools for adapting acoustic models with data collected in the field, if required by a particular application
  • Ability to recognise speech, even with large amounts of background noise
  • Reusable, built-in libraries for recognising addresses, currency values and alphanumeric strings
  • Robust set of tools to maximise and improve speech applications (to get the absolute best out of speech technology accurate tuning of the speech application is recommended)


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