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Nuance Loquendo Small Business
Bundle (SB Bundle)

Affordable Speech-Based IVR for Small Businesses

Small businesses are looking for simple, cost-effective solutions to improve customer service and reduce routine calls to customer service assistants without sacrificing quality. Many of these companies are turning to Nuance's automated speech technologies to provide a better self-service experience for their customers.

Automated speech technologies greatly improve the self-service experience for the caller and also provide flexibility for the IVR application designer. Speech self-service applications help contain costs without sacrificing customer care by reducing waiting times and call durations, allowing transactions to be concluded more rapidly and effectively, and thereby ensuring a positive experience for the customer.

Deploying speech technologies allows customer service assistants to focus on specialised tasks, thus providing a superior level of service to customers that need attention.

The Nuance Loquendo Small Business Bundle (SB Bundle) addresses the needs and goals of small businesses. Typically, businesses with basic self-service requirements and 100 ports or less of IVR can benefit from this package.

The solution, comprised of Loquendo ASR and TTS engines can be deployed on a single server with a voice portal, or on multiple servers as desired. The SB Bundle provides a high level of functionality designed to support non-complex IVR or voice portal applications for banking, travel, hospitality, health insurance, utilities and more.


  • Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR):highly accurate speech recognition guarantees high performance even for large-scale vocabularies and in noisy environments. Learn more.
  • Text to Speech (TTS)delivers expressive, clear, natural and fluent voices, enriched with a repertoire of "expressive cues" that allow for highly emotional pronunciation. Learn more.
  • The highest performance offering at this lower price point:the "Best of the Best" speech technology for small businesses with less than 100 ports of IVR/VP.
  • A small footprint:a single server can run ASR and TTS, and can include your voice portal or IVR as well.
  • Multi-language support:over 30 languages available with more than 70 voices providing broad support in the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Voices can pronounce foreign-language words while maintaining their native accent. Learn more about SB Bundle language availability.
  • Ideal for basic self-service deployments: applications such as an ATM locator, basic call routing to the proper agent and providing bank balances, amongst others.
  • Standards support:compliant with accepted standards such as MRCP v1 (RFC 4463), MRCP v2 and SNMP, for seamless interoperability with any standard IVR or Voice Portal.
  • Advanced tools: available with the SDK, help to get the absolute maximum out of the technology, improving recognition performance and optimising speech synthesis output.


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