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Loquendo Text to Speech (TTS)

Natural, Expressive Speech Synthesis Made Easy

Available in over 30 languages with more than 70 voices,Loquendo TTS supports all major operating systems and speech-related standards and is available in an extensive choice of configurations to meet the requirements of any application.


  • Transform any type of content into speech, including highly dynamic data
  • Avoid expensive and time consuming studio recordings by substituting human speakers when creating messages
  • Reduce barriers to accessibility, simplifying interactions with technology for elderly, blind and partially sighted people
  • Significant cost savings


  • Expressive TTS: Add animated phrases like "Welcome!" or "Amazing!" and sounds like coughing, laughter or crying to make your messages really come to life
  • User Lexicons: Define the pronunciation of acronyms, proper names, abbreviations, etc. according to the application context
  • Prosody Controls: Modify the speaking rate, pitch, pause frequency/length, etc.
  • SSML Support: Create prompts in SSML, either using Loquendo TTS Director (which checks your element/attribute tags automatically) or any other SSML editor
  • Mixed Language Support: Voices can pronounce foreign-language words while maintaining their native accent
  • Tools: A set of dynamic tools to tune and optimise speech synthesis output, allowing you to create the highest quality prompts


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