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Nuance Dialog Modules



Specialised Building Blocks for Your Speech and Touch-tone Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Applications

Having deployed thousands of speech and touch-tone applications, we’ve learned a lot about the right way to write them. Nuance Dialog Modules are pre-packaged, reusable, highly configurable VoiceXML application building blocks of call flow, code and grammars. They capture the built-in experience of our Professional Services team for your Voice User Interface (VUI) design, development and logging needs for your self-service system.


Benefits of Nuance Dialog Modules

  • Take advantage of our experience from thousands of deployments
  • Increase automation by automatically incorporating natural language technologies like SmartListener
  • Increase automation by automatically incorporating dialogue techniques like one-step correction
  • Deploy your applications faster
  • Get built-in VUI design, coding, grammar development and logging
  • Configure Dialog Modules to fit into your existing call flow and application design


Nuance Core Dialog Modules DialogModules Thumb 2

Capture caller information such as dates, times, postcodes and phone numbers. The core Nuance Dialog Modules can handle common collection tasks in a single step.

Learn more about core Dialog Modules

Nuance Advanced Dialog Modules DialogModules Thumb 4

Take on more complicated data collection tasks like names, addresses or email addresses. Nuance Dialog Modules come in more advanced versions that use multiple steps to capture caller information.

Learn more about advanced Dialog Modules

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