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Self-Service Automation


Deliver an Exceptional Customer Service Experience Through Speech-Enabled Self-Service

Contact centres around the world rely on our self-service speech-enabled solutions — a combination of technologies and services — to automate a wide variety of customer interactions. Speech self-service systems reduce your operating costs and agent handle times without sacrificing the care you show your callers.

Speech Input with Nuance Recognizer Recognizer Thumb

Nuance Recognizer is the foundation of our speech automation solutions. With Nuance Recognizer, you can consistently deliver a great customer service experience while improving your self-service system’s containment rate.

Details on Nuance Recognizer

Audio Output with Nuance Vocalizer Vocalizer Thumb

Nuance Vocalizer is our spoken output engine. It gracefully combines computer-generated and pre-recorded audio so you can automate more types of calls, improve your callers’ self-service experience and reduce implementation and operational costs.

Overview of Vocalizer products

Natural Language Technologies NaturalLanguage Thumb

Natural language technologies teach your speech system to be more “forgiving” and understand more caller responses. Consequently, your callers have a better experience and are more likely to finish their task within your automated system.

Overview of natural language technologies

Nuance Dialog Modules DialogModules Thumb

Our pre-packaged speech application building blocks capture our best technology and the work of our Professional Services teams. Their built-in experience will improve your Voice User Interface (VUI) design and speed up your application development.

Overview of Nuance Dialog Modules

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