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Natural Language Technology for Your Accurate, Cost-Effective Routing Solution

Self-service systems, especially touchtone ones, often have complex menu mazes. These lead to mis-routed calls and a bad customer experience. Transferring mis-routed callers costs time and frustrates your customers. Our Call Steering solution provides accurate, cost-effective routing from a single point of access. A Call Steering system asks callers, “How can I help you?” and allows your customers to describe their needs in their own words, then routes callers to the right self-service application or contact centre agent in one step.

Call Steering can direct all your inbound calls. You’ll receive such wide-ranging requests as “Yes, I have a question about my statement,” or “I’d, eh, like to change my, eh, account.” From there, our SpeakFreely technology determines the caller’s intent. If the intent is ambiguous or requires further information before routing, the system can ask the caller questions for further clarification. Contact centres can save millions of pounds annually by updating their existing touch-tone or speech-based IVR system with a Call Steering system.


Benefits of Call Steering

  • Accurate, cost-effective call routing
  • Consolidate multiple phone numbers
  • Improve your caller experience
  • Reduce contact centre costs
  • Reliable, proven technology


Accurate, Cost-effective Call Routing
Call Steering gets your customers to the right place in fewer steps than other call routing approaches. We rely on proven techniques such as dialogue disambiguation, shortcuts to frequently requested submenus and well-tested recovery strategies to ensure the best caller experience.

Consolidate Multiple Phone Numbers
“Which number do I call?” A Call Steering deployment can act as a central point of contact for multiple contact centres with separate customer service phone numbers.


Improve your Caller Experience
You’ll deliver a great customer service experience by eliminating complex touchtone menus and allowing callers to describe their needs in their own words.


Reduce Contact Centre Costs
A Call Steering system can reduce contact centre costs by shortening call times, reducing the number of mis-routed calls and improving your overall call automation rates.


Reliable, Proven Technology
Our Call Steering solutions rely on Nuance Recognizer, the leading recogniser for network speech. The solutions have been certified for use with leading Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform vendors. We’ve also developed tools and techniques to speed up the design and deployment process, from ways to automatically generate code to configuration and management tools and we use our domain expertise to speed up deployment and testing for specific industries.

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A Call Steering solution provides accurate, cost-effective routing from a single access point. 
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