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SmartListener Technology



Reduce Contact Centre Costs and Deliver a Great Experience by Understanding your Callers the First Time

Callers often say extra phrases like ‘Um, I guess’ or ‘Yeah, I’d like’ and your speech system needs to interpret these unexpected additions to responses. With SmartListener, your designers don’t have to predict all of these variations ahead of time. By using statistical techniques to spot these filler phrases, SmartListener gives your callers more flexibility in how they respond to a question and improved interactions with dramatically reduced retry prompts and unnecessary confirmations.

Any application will benefit from SmartListener technology. In particular, main menu dialogues and yes/no dialogues, which account for more than 70% of speech-enabled interactions, demonstrate the greatest benefit. We can apply SmartListener technology to an existing speech solution with just a few days’ services effort, allowing you to rapidly deploy a more accurate, easier to use speech solution with low effort, low cost and rapid time to market.


Benefits of SmartListener

  • Improve your accuracy rate.
  • Deploy quickly.
  • Immediate cost savings.
  • Works with your existing design. Enterprise NUCC821 SmartListener

Improve Your Accuracy Rate

Dramatically decrease retries and confirmations through an immediate error rate reduction of up to 30% out of the box.

Deploy Quickly

Raise your automation rate without redesigning your application’s call flow, prompts or business logic.


Immediate Cost Savings

Improve your application’s performance right away by converting dialogues to adaptive grammars.


Works With Your Existing Design

Nuance’s Adaptive Grammar Engine uses SmartListener technology to convert your existing SRGS grammars into adaptive grammars. These adaptive grammars improve the out-of-grammar recognition capabilities of the ASR engine.

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