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Nuance Recognizer


Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) as the Foundation of Your Contact Centre’s Speech Automation

With Nuance Recognizer, you’ll consistently deliver a great customer service experience while improving your self-service system’s containment rate. Nuance Recognizer is the software at the core of our contact centre automation solutions. Built on years of experience across six different product lines, our tenth-generation Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine is used around the world in over 84 different languages. It delivers the industry’s highest recognition accuracy even as it encourages natural, human-like conversations that create more satisfying self-service interactions with your customers.


Benefits of Nuance Recognizer

  • Save money by automating calls
  • Understand what callers mean
  • Analyse your performance
  • Build on your infrastructure—or use ours
  • Work with the latest industry standards

Save Money by Automating Calls
Speech-enabled self-service systems can answer inquiries, take orders and collect payments—saving you money by handling repetitive tasks. Also, speech recognition automates what touchtone can’t. Collecting names and addresses. Avoiding long lists of options. Handling hands-free callers. You can save your service representatives for customers who actually do need to talk to someone live.

Nuance Recognizer can perform well even when faced with challenges such as noisy environments, mobile phone callers, Internet-based calls, regional accents, local dialects or multiple languages. It learns from its mistakes and makes automatic adjustments to improve over time.

Understand What Callers Mean
People say funny things when they’re talking to a speech system. They forget it’s not a person on the other end. They make mistakes and correct themselves… sometimes many times. They don’t always answer the question you ask them.

Nuance Recognizer can’t handle every response but you’d be surprised at how well it interprets the wide variety of ways callers respond, thanks to natural language technologies such as SmartListener and SpeakFreely and the flows of conversation defined in our Nuance Dialog Modules.

Analyse Your Performance
Who is calling you and how can you improve the way you handle their calls? Nuance Recognizer includes reporting and analytics tools to help you get the most out of your deployment.

Build on Your Infrastructure – Or Use Ours
Since Nuance Recognizer supports industry standards, it works with all major IVR platforms. We even offer our own Management Station. Or, if you prefer to let us do all the work for you, you can use our fully hosted solution.

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Nuance is responding to a marketplace that is becoming increasingly sophisticated. Certainly, error reduction is welcome, as always, but the most significant improvements are those that move Nuance Recognizer beyond pure speech recognition and into the realm of spoken language understanding. 
-Judith Markowitz, President of Judith Markowitz Consultants
   United Kingdom & Ireland
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