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Nuance Management Station



Centralised Control and Monitoring of Speech Services Across Your Entire Deployment

Nuance Management Station centralises the Operations, Administration and Management (OA&M) of all your speech services. Your system administrators and operators can use Management Station to more efficiently monitor and maintain your speech deployment across multiple server clusters, rather than working with each server independently. Since Nuance Management Station is a Web-based GUI console, it is centrally accessible from any location. It collects logs from managed nodes running any service or process across the network. You can define roles for each server to make configuring your network easier.

With Nuance Management Station, you’ll spend less time taking care of your self-service system and your speech services will have higher availability.


Nuance Management Station Features

  • Set up the elements of the Nuance network
  • Define clusters — groups of servers — according to service type and configure them together
  • Monitor host and services vital signs, such as CPU utilisation and available memory, on a single screen
  • Start, stop and set service properties
  • Manage data and generate reports
  • Automatically send alerts and reports via email Enterprise NUCC824 ManagementStation

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