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Nuance Vocalizer


Your Complete Spoken Output Engine

Nuance Vocalizer is the complete spoken output engine that provides seamless conversations so you can tell your customers anything they need to hear. Built on a legacy of research and expertise, Vocalizer is used around the world in over 40 different languages. It handles all of your application’s audio, both from your library of static prompt recordings and by generating dynamic prompts using text-to-speech (TTS) technology. By providing your developers with a single source for all audio output, Vocalizer gracefully combines computer-generated and pre-recorded audio so you can automate more, improve your customers’ experience and reduce implementation and operational costs.


Benefits of Nuance Vocalizer

  • Avoid unnecessary transfers
  • Automate more calls
  • Simplify application development
  • Build on your infrastructure – or use ours
  • Take complete control of your recordings

Avoid Unnecessary Transfers

Sometimes a caller needs to hear dynamic information that’s tough to pre-record with voice talent such as names, addresses or information from a database. Vocalizer’s text-to-speech capabilities can read back that information as part of an automated system, saving a transfer to an agent to complete the task.


Automate More Calls

Research has shown that callers are more likely to complete an automated call when they hear information such as names and addresses read clearly by a single voice. Callers who hear “patchwork prompts” of multiple voices with poorer quality text-to-speech are distracted by the mixed voices and are more likely to opt-out of automation.

Simplify Application Development

Today’s applications developers manually keep track of a confusing list of sound clips. With Vocalizer, you provide the text to read and Vocalizer pulls from your library of pre-recorded prompts to assemble the audio output. If Vocalizer can’t find a complete recording of the requested text, it generates high quality text-to-speech and blends it seamlessly with any partial prompts in your library.

Build on Your Infrastructure – Or Use Ours

Since Nuance Vocalizer supports industry standards, it runs on all major platforms. Or, if you prefer to let us do the work for you, you can use our hosted solution.

Take Complete Control of Your Recordings

Fine-tune frequently played prompts, adjust word pronunciations and carefully sculpt your prompts with tools from Vocalizer Studio .

For More Modest Spoken Output Needs – Vocalizer Basic

If your dynamic spoken output needs are limited to contexts such as telephone numbers and currency amounts, Vocalizer Basic can provide high-quality and ease-of-use more cost effectively

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Seamlessly blend static and dynamic prompts so you can tell your customers anything they need to hear. 
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