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Nuance Text Input Applications

Innovative keypad solutions for Mobile and Consumer Electronic devices

T9 Applications

Nuance’s T9® product portfolio includes an array of applications that leverage patented predictive text technology to make it faster and easier to enter text on mobile and consumer electronic devices. With T9® Smart Input products, users may tap, type, trace or use handwriting to enter text in over 80 languages.

T9® Text Input

T9® stands for "Text on 9 keys". It is a predictive text application that unlocks the power of numeric keypads by allowing you to enter text using "one key press per letter".

Key Features:
"One Key Press Per Letter" text entry
Next Word Prediction
Word Order Preferencing
Enhanced Word Completion

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XT9® Smart Input

XT9® is a multimodal text input solution with an advanced feature set that can be integrated into 12key, 20key, Qwerty and touchscreen devices.

Key Features:
Form Factor Versatility
SloppyType™ Error Correction
Enhanced Prediction
Smart Punctuation

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T9 Nav® Smart Search

T9 Nav® is a mobile search application that lets you find anything on your phone. Just type in the first few letters and there it is.

Key Features:
"One Key Press Per Letter" input
Targeted keyword based search
Unlimited category content indexing
Adapts to user behaviour

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T9 Trace™:

T9 Trace™ a new continuous touch text input application that eliminates the need to "hunt and peck" keys on a touchscreen panel by allowing you to simply "trace" letters to enter text.

Key Features:
Seamless multimodal text entry
SloppyType™ Error Correction
XT9® Backup
Smart Punctuation

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T9 Write™ 

T9 Write™ is a handwriting input solution for touchscreen devices that recognises naturally shaped letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation in over 40 languages.

Key Features:
Finger or Stylus Input
OnTop Writing
Enhanced Word Prediction
Global Language Coverage

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T9 Output™

T9 Output™ is a complete solution for handling multilingual user interface and text editor in mobile and CE devices. It contains 3 core components: a rendering engine, an editor and a font library.

Key Features:
Rich text rendering / editing
Special effects input & output
Complex language / script support

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